Walsall Supporters’ Association - An Announcement

Chunkster is right that this reeks of the time a few years back when several fans were banned from the ground after Bonzo got upset about a poster on here posting stuff about him. From what I remember it was Swiftyboy and then Thanatos (under a different username) got dragged in because they could identify who they were. And then Neil got banned simply because he posted on UTS under his real name. Whalley branded the whole site and its users a 5th column trying to cause the club trouble. :roll_eyes:



They actually included a picture of my tweet off my Twitter account, of the same article.

Sounds like most of our squad last season

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That’s not for me to suggest. I could be open to
It depending what it is, however I feel that this would negatively reflect on whatever group in the club’s eyes.

Just trying to get my head around this.

@RobHarv3y gets banned from attending meetings for posting a newspaper article regarding an ex-employee that’s already in the public domain?

Personally, I didn’t think it should have been brought up, but the response to someone who has clearly done a lot for the Club and other charity endeavours is completely over the top.

Is this the start of a dangerous path that ends with critical UTS posts being used as reasons to ban fans from the stadium?

What they’ve essentially done here is force the closure of a valued supporter group by cutting all ties with the guy at the top.


Absolutely disgraceful behaviour by the club rob Harvey did great work fundraising during the pandemic more than some of these muppets on the board ie wallet gilman an mole. Its basically means don’t say or put a press statement to the public even though it could all be true. But hey nothings changed with the board they can’t be criticised can they,!!!


Just when you really start to believe this club has changed you realise in many ways nothing has changed :roll_eyes:


My email

I have found out today that you have banned a loyal fund raising fan from attending any more WPM’S.

I find this incredulous after what the lad has done for the club over the last 18 months.

Ok it was a momentary lapse and an ill judged posting on an open forum, but it was out there in the

public domain for anyone to see anyway, have you reverted to the days of Bonser and Whaley banning

fans for free speech? has Leigh took over their mantra of stifling anything that shows the club in a bad light?

well shame on you, when you can’t even get the DEEP clean of the ground right, you are

making fans having to pay extra for booking tickets, you still can’t go to a decent toilet in the ground and many more problems

i think you need to get your own house in order before you start pontificating


Graham Whittacker has responded to my email and said he will pass my comments onto the club

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Go for it chunks, let us know what response you get, it truly is unbelievable that they still cock up the basics ( old habits die hard ) the seats have always been dirty, when I’ve been to games I always took some bog paper from home and wiped down my seat myself. Sounds as though not much has happened in relation to the toilets being sorted!! Does anybody take ownership for anything at the club? Isn’t Mole operations manager or something ??? People wonder why he gets stick especially from me, maybe it’s because he ain’t got a scooby about what is required of him, can’t Omlette see this, any business minded professional would clearly see where this club is failing and more importantly the people that are failing the business , enough said , need to go now before I start on Gamble.


This is absolutely correct , depending on your viewpoint some of the ISSA merchandise could certainly be seen as controversial, hopefully this is unintended .
As you say endorsed by the club and potentially far more damaging to the club than anything Rob has done.
Surely either of the remaining groups would jump at the chance of having Rob on their committee’s.


I hope ISSA might think about a similar ‘ask a question’ feature on their website for the WPMs. I think that was really useful and a good way of connecting fans to the club.


That’s a great shout. I think ISSA and the trust take questions from their membership. Whereas WSA gave a voice to everyone. It would be good if ISSA (the one group left that seems awake) could facilitate the same.


Was already done on the Facebook page which has over 1300 members and seems to be most members preferred way of communication.

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Sorry for late reply. Have been away and only got back today (sat)

From an issa point of view. We are saddened to hear. This news,

rob has worked tirelessly to help club and the 7 k he helped raise during lockdown to help club was. Immense, and Issa have always backed any of his fundraising efforts , and. Have had a great relationship with all involved with The wsa guys

The working party meetings will be much poorer by there absence ,

Maybe the idiotic people who complain to club , will now see what there actions lead to , genuine guys. Working on behalf. Of fans. Being. Treated unfairly ,
and again from an issa point of view. We will be. Raising it at the next meeting as to why such drastic action has been taken ,and can it not be reviewed. that way if it still a no then a full explanation has to be. Put out in public domain

To all at (w s a. ). hold your head up high lads you did yourselves your fellow fans and club. Proud ,
And let’s hope the idiots who saw fit to put the poison down for you will one day become proper fans of wfc,


I don’t use Facebook pal - mainly because of the comments on there :joy:

I think to capture comments from here - a similar form on the ISSA site would be really useful (and possibly easier to collate?)


I avoid Facebook where I can myself in the main, or at least try and avoid getting involved in the comments.

Also ISSA have only recently returned to WMP’s.

All questions and suggestion’s are listened to, I will put it forwards.

This probably isn’t the best place to discuss it. As Dhforever posted above, ISSA are saddened to hear this news. As far as I am concerned they were exactly the same as us, a group of Walsall supporters trying to make a difference (and did so)


Replied to me aswell saying that he will pass on my comments to the club.

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I wonder if he copy and pastes or whether he actually types it out every time.