Walsall Supporters for Change


We have lift-off.




On Twitter @WSFCLBR


Superb work! Looks great


Well done chaps


Great work lads


Very impressed. Not knocking any previous protests, but this looks like something in another class.


Superb stuff guys.

Well done to all involved.


A superb start.


Really good work lads. A new start, new approach, but same aims.


Excellent. Very professional and well thought through. No knocking the manager and team but essentially seeking sensible regime change for the longer term.
Couldn’t have been done any better if we had employed an Agency to think it through at all levels.
Well done.


Superb page.


Excellent page. Really nice design and layout. Puts the official club website to shame!


Professional. Aesthetically pleasing.

Amazing start.

My uncle mentioned he had seen an article in a local paper about the stadium / toilets etc? Can anyone confirm if this is true? This would represent an amazing start for the project; website, football league podcast and the local paper!


Wish we could have whipped some “T” shirts up for tonight :wink: just a thought though, when we do start printing and selling them for the people that do go to games, you could put the proffitt made on them into a fighting fund so to speak? to cover expenses.


Just a quick observation…

My employer refuses to allow access to the site due to automatic content filtering.
Is there anything in the site that might be causing this?


Hi AFKALS. Most likely because the domain was only registered this week. This is usually a red flag for private/protected networks.


I think we should re-adopt the red, white and green (re: the popular “Hungary” kit) of 1977-81


These colours haven’t been officially used since '81 as far as I can remember - so it doesn’t clash with current official merch and yet is part of our history - and it would be good to re-use them as colours for WSforC.


Thanks everyone, worth the hard work.

Also on Facebook if you don’t mind giving it a follow.


Congratulations and big big thanks to Simon, Rob and everyone so far involved in establishing our new and focused group.

What a tremendous start

Well done all…