Walsall Supporters for Change


There will be some replica shirts for next season!


Great looking website.


I know the finance issue will inevitably raise its head because all good causes have to be paid for (publicity, fliers, etc etc) and I don’t think it’s unreasonable for folk that are willing and able to contribute to a said ‘fighting fund’ - I’m personally happy to offer some support (as I’m sure many others will be) but obviously and absolutely, no pressure whatsoever on those for whom this isn’t possible.

Make it ‘all donations anonymously offered’ and this covers the bases in respect of a collective effort (regardless of contributions etc…)

What’s most important is that we are together on this and without doubt, commitment to the cause and involvement is far more valuable than any optional monetary contribution etc…

Just my opinion…


Very professional, like someone above says puts the clubs official site to shame!
How can exiles like myself contribute to the running costs? It’s the least we can do.


Very good and very professional. Well done chaps.


Excellent work guys.


Fantastic work by everyone involved. This does seem in a different league to other efforts.

This is just the start though and if nothing else it will get em squirming.


I think last night proves that WSC is sorely needed to effect change as it is clear that the Owner just wants to sit back and manage the status quo whilst SG and DM act as subordinates on the day to day.
It might be an idea to trawl our databases for fans who have key skill sets to share who might be prepared to help looking forward. Suggested areas:
Commercial Property
Law particularly Corporate Law
Professional Sport


This is along the lines of a point I made on here last week - that the Club could, if it chose to - open up some constructive dialogue with fans who can input or at least voice their opinion (and potentially bring their insight and expertise to bear) on the various facets of the club.

Granted, the Club needs to want to see improvements happen (and judging by last night’s feedback, the personnel to deliver and willingness to do this may be limited), but progressing from an open fans forum format (which seems to have no set agenda and can go off in different directions), to one of mini thematic working groups is, I think, worth a try.

I think the sporting side of it and ownership issues are separate to the perhaps mundane, but important, “running of the club” aspects - marketing, growing the fan base, community links, ticket pricing, hospitality (food and refreshment), merchandise / club shop, on-site facilities etc. and it is on these issues some easy dialogue could be made. There are about 5 main themes in that lot. If the CEO set up a meeting for each of these aspects, together with the respective operational head (if there is one) and invite 4 to 5 fans who could bring some positive thoughts, ideas and input, some progress could be made.


Must admit my suggestions on getting a skill set listing was for the benefit of WSC developing it’s own group expertise to seek sensible planning steps to seek alternative investors for the future and enable WSC to be fully credible in their eyes.
I do though take your point if those people are prepared to beef up elements of the Organisation as it exists if SG is prepared to listen.


Oh I see David - yep that makes sense too. :grinning:


Was reading an interesting article on the BBC from Burton fans and it’s interesting how a club like theirs (ran the way it is) has been so successful in recent times. I quote from the article below:

"We are a club of fairytales and we’ve done it without spending millions. Our ground is paid for and we don’t owe anybody anything.

"The club is run on trust, camaraderie and being in touch with the local community, and a lot of fans like that.


Walsall FC’s statement could be;

The club is run using whatever loophole we can to cloud the issue regarding facts and figures especially where transfer fees are concerned. A complete lack of any communication with anyone outside the boardroom is a must and little to no effort is made with anything in connection to our fans, sorry customers. If the rent is paid to our saviour, which it always is first and foremost, very little else will be done


Superb Mission Statement that should be sent to Stefan Gamble.


Just reading an article in the Birmingham mail about local billionaires, number 16 in the local rich list is Walsall firm homeserve’s boss Richard harpin. Possibly someone with links to the club who could reunite it with its ground?


Get Kenny Mower to give him a call.


Ha sorry, predictive text I think!


One option for us is to actively engage with potential buyers (considering JB is not actively looking)…although that would of course be odd considering we don’t own anything except the emotional attachment.


He’s from York.


He is but travels to Walsall daily by helicopter, apparently his business is booming in the states. Obviously links with us through sponsorship.