Walsall Supporters for Change


Yeah course, I used to work there. He’s a bit of an arse if he’s not hearing everything he wants, from my personal opinion.

If only Geoff Dance could return and make a serious offer!


I think many successful business entrepreneurs are like that to be honest. I just want the ground reunited with the club to give it a fighting chance and while I think there are worse owners than jb, none of my friends and family will return until he has gone.


Sat next to supporter at Fans meeting who said he has friend who made a bid to JB that was refused. Got to talking about things. He said his friend would ideally want a consortium bid. Said he would ask again. Obviously he isn’t active on the fan sites from my questions so gave him links to WSC and said this is new and has real focus for change.
Said he would look into it and I gave him my email address as well.
Even if he doesn’t come back to me it proves a level of interest is still there and needs a catalyst such as WSC to be as proactive as possible to be a professional and secure contact point.
How do we best do that?


If he wants to speak to me, let me know.


Will do if he takes up my offer. However if he doesn’t it proves there are people willing if we can get the professional message out there.


I am mostly abroad now, but a supporter since 1946,when my dad took me to FP. I have been following the recent comments, and this is the first time I have responded, so please forgive me if this is ‘too off the wall’. I am not sure if this is sensible or worth some thought, especially given the potential legal minefield. Would it be possible if we can find out ACTUALLY what JB would sell out for?. Getting together a fund that would set out to seek ‘qualified buyers’, I have no idea what this would cost, but I would be happy to chip in. As to people with funds, I personally know four Walsall business men to whom + - £10M would not be an issue, (not WFC supporters), but the point is I believe just in the UK alone there would be a substantial number if one could get to them.


What a cracking post … welcome BILL. :grinning:


With every respect Bill (welcome by the way) they might be able to be categorised as being folk for whom £10M isn’t a problem but contemplating throwing that sort of capital into a L1 football club based in region like ours where we’re surrounded by bigger dogs is a completely different thing…

Not being negative but my experience with people flush with capital (and £10M is seriously flush) is that they generally don’t relinquish it easily…


But if someone can be tempted to show interest surely we should be trying to encourage this as is this not what we’re all hoping for someone to come in and push the club forward.

If we do’nt try to get new blood interested then we will never get the change we all dream of , but i do know what you’re saying @Coop63 it’ll not be easy


Absolutely agree - it maybe that the plight of the club being highlighted might get some interest from a surprising benefactor/individual/group etc (we live in hope…)


Indeed this seems to be the case, millionaires rarely become millionaires by spending owt (as they say round these parts).
I know one personally, who goes to a huge well known Garden Centre on the East Lancs Road, every Tuesday. He buys a (one)scone and divides said scone between himself his wife and their daughter, and orders tap water for drinks, I’ve been there when he’s done it!


You dont want to go too mad.


Interesting to read this post. As I said earlier in this thread I sat next to a fan at the fans forum who told me he had a friend who had talked to JB about buying the business. He probably would now want to join a consortium to take over the club rather than individually.
So there are people out there I agree and people like us need to find a catalyst to bring them together.
Can we trust the media to help? Perhaps a little.
Can we afford to advertise? Dangerous waters as we don’t have the designated authority from the club.
What we have though is a real desire for professional CHANGE at the Club. When we see other Clubs (non Premier League) being looked at and in our age where Funding Circles etc are now common, why is no one seriously looking at us?
Some of the posts above highlight our negative factors.
But who else can boast many consistent years of declared profits? Who else has proof of off field Conferencing/Banqueting revenue? Who else can say the Stadium could easily be expanded on its footprint? Who else can say they have huge profitable Advertising signs next to one of the busiest road junctions in Europe? Who else can prove there is a fan base capable of filling the Stadium given new Owners with ambition? (Nearly 30K going to Wembley divided by one third).
There are possibilities that somehow need to come to the surface.
Perhaps Bill through his contacts could start the ball rolling for us and get a meeting set up or look at an outline Prospectus and Walsall Supporters for Change can help drive it?


…Well you know how expensive they are in the garden centres , ya dow wona be ripped off do ya :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


U should tell him that garden centre tap water is recycled from the hanging baskets :wink:


Excellent post. I asked at the fans’ forum whether the Board were actively seeking Bonser’s successor, and the answer was that he is a ‘willing seller’ but there’s no plan in place to go and find a new owner.

As others have mentioned, it’s clear that there are people out there with the means and the will to invest in football clubs. The issue we have is that Jeff seemingly has everything sewn up to a point where our stable, ‘well-run’ and financially viable football club is completely unattractive to potential investors. A concerted, independent effort to market the club for sale could be a key objective for WSC moving forward.


Whatever they may or may not say the man does not want to sell the club he is making far too much money out of it and as Waterman said he has it all sewn up.i refuse to believe that as one of few clubs in the EFL that makes a profit every year no one is interested.makes no sense at all to me and stinks of Bonser wanting to milk the club for as long as possible.


In April 2010, at the height of what was then the latest round of protests, when the club were banning fans left, right and centre, I received an email from Roy Whalley. It was in response to the protests and the various stories, and specifically concerned the banning of one Neil Ravenshaw (sic). Oddly, although I was in contact with Poole and Storr at various times during this period I’d not contacted Whalley so to receive his response to my non-query was a mystery.

Here’s an excerpt from what he wrote:

The main credit has to go to Jeff Bonser,who was the only local businessman to come forward when the Club nearly went out of business in 1991,and whose hard work and financial support has kept the club financially stable through some very difficult times.

The criticism he is getting from a small group of fans is unfair and very damaging to the Club.Please understand that if the Chairman withdrew his financial support the Club could not continue.He has made clear his willingness to step aside if someone with the financial resources to buy the Club and take it forward,is found.At the moment there are no takers.

What therefore are the Protesters hoping to achieve?If they get rid of the Chairman,what comes next? If there is not a ready successor there will be no Walsall FC,that is the brutal truth.

This was Roy’s constant threat when under fire - without Jeff there’d be nothing. Be interesting to see if this argument is deployed this time round as well.



Here’s an old cracker…


…Back in late 2010 a PDF booklet was produced and sent to the club. It detailed personal messages from many fans (me included) about how disconnected we felt with the club. Reading back I think only some of the names will change, with quite a few dropping by the wayside.

It was called ‘Walsall Til I Don’t’, a deliberate play on the ‘Walsall Til I Die’ publication from the club a couple of years prior, which detailed the opposite.

Anyone remember it?