Walsall Supporters for Change




I particularly liked the ‘Banks’s of England’ subtlety…


This could be a good idea again


That is brilliant. Please let someone clever update it for 2019.


That was my creation and I will attend to it this evening.
I might even update the colour if anyone has any preferences.


Grey seems popular


With red bits :joy:


When there were some mentions of dodgy photos of chairmen, I was quite tempted to reinact Women In Love with Jeff and STM wrestling naked in front of the fire.

However, I thought better of doing that particular internet search!


Thought this worth an airing. Brings tears to my eyes :sob:


Superb. Love this club. #timesupjeff


It is. The appropriateness of the lyrics to the footage and our situation is uncanny. And to get it all from just ABBA songs as well. They could have been written for us :smile:. Massive respect to the originator.


Brilliant and of course, lets remember that according to Roy Whalley none of this would have been possible without our No1 fan so thanks to Jeff for everything he’s done for our beloved club! :sob:


Incredible to think the bannings and “questions for Roy”, thing is now 9 years ago, (or should that be £3 million rent tokens ago). Is Neil R still around? Remember he used to provide/edit the old UTS site news content back in the day when I did the away pub guides…aye them wert days.


Roy the teacher, telling off his little kids (and sending them to detention) for not respecting the headmaster.


Closer to the date of the Sunderland game I will ask your opinion on good real ale boozers in Newcastle city centre … if you don’t mind? :wink:


No problem Dave, there’s plenty to choose from! Very much a thriving local brewing scene up here, loads of little breweries springing up all over the place.


Superb! Sounds promising. We’re stopping Saturday night in the Premier Inn right by the Tyne Bridge so hopefully in the middle of everything.


I haven’t seen that video before. It’s superb and has a clever mixture of laughs and pathos that brings tears for real WFC supporters. Don’t know who deserves the credit for it but with some clever updates could be used now in our quest for change.
Btw don’t anyone think that The Whalley dark shadow doesn’t still exist influencing things that get done (don’t get done) in the murky Boardroom at WFC.
He is still a Director (how much money did he invest I hear you say) and attends Board Meetings. In fact on Companies House data right now he is still shown as CEO with SG as Accountant! A Freudian slip or nearer the truth?


A friend of mine used to go to university with him so knows him well.
Says that he has a lot of influence to this day regarding the every day proceedings down at the Bescot.
Interesting reading that reply from Whalley, who seems to put it about that Bonser was and still is the saviour of Walsall F. C.!


Being a dyed in the wool YES man who probably has never disagreed with JB at any time in his illustrious career at WFC makes him the absolute wrong Director to have continuing at the Club.
Penny pinching ex teacher who oversaw the cheap and cheerful design approval for the Stadium and most things since.
Pretended to be a Supporter but strangely never was able to relate to real supporters of the Club.
The Donald Tusk of Bescot.