Walsall Supporters for Change


I had a number of dealings with Roy when I was sponsoring games or match bal’s etc (was the match ball sponsor for our last match in the Championship - still have the signed ball). Found him to be very committed and passionate about the club. On match days he was full on and did it well.
The problem I believe was, he was too focussed on the corporate side of the club, and had lost touch with the majority of the fan base. His PR skills were that of a head teacher, lecturing his customers on what was best for them and dismissing any criticism with a “what do they know” mindset.
I do believe though, that he genuinely believed in the Bonser hype and that he was/is a proper Walsall fan.


Nowt wrong with Donald Tusk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


‘Manchester’ will be wanting to sponsor you as a saint!


Wasn’t he for a long time the only paid director in the club on something like £80k a year?
Don’t think he would ever question anything Boner said on that much money and I always saw him as his masters mouth piece.


Whalley was sick of receiving stick from the likes of us , and wanted to be moved out of the firing line .

I like you think he’s still pulling the strings in the background , and Gamble is merely just a puppet


Funnily enough that muppet will say what ever to keep his wage packet going , after all if Bonser is gone so will he be


As promised.
It seemed the only appropriate colour today:




Excellent and good to see the Banks’s of England has been retained!

What we need now is a friendly printer who would be prepared to print us thousands to throw around at games - maybe at 4mins and 49 seconds? :wink:


I think someone’s been snooping on us. This was the cartoon in today’s Times.


I’m suprised small matters such as the ticket prices/facilities are being discussed.

Surely this will give the club small wins such as re-painting the outside of the ground (yeah it’s *****).

Wasted time/questions imo. The only question that matters that’ll make a difference is when the ground willl become ours. Whether that’s a gift or another matter is irrelevant. Everything else is welcomed by the club as delay tactics from any relevant questions that’ll actually make a change.


I agree largely, however to attend shows willing from out side and shows we aren’t trying to be difficult on purpose. It also stops the club from using the ‘we tried to communicate with them but they rejected’ line.



Well written piece…whoever wrote it well done.


Agreed it is spot on and well written with control on emotional comments.


The whole “these problems aren’t problems when we’re winning” response to the criticisms doesn’t even make sense.

If we are winning, that means having an owner who invests the bare minimum and takes money out of the club isn’t negatively affecting performances on the pitch. If that were the case I doubt anyone would have a problem with the way the club is run!

But the truth is it does have a negative impact on the pitch. We can only claim to have been “winning” for one season out of the last 12.


Agree. The point I’m making in this article is that we’re not a reactionary fan base. The ‘well-run club’ excuse has aged badly over the past ten years, we have no reason to endorse a club that simply ‘exists’ in spite of supporter expectations.


Yeah, wasn’t criticising you at all! Rather those that make the “not problems when we’re winning” argument.

Apparently Dan Mole said that at a fan’s focus meeting? Says it all if true!

I just looked it up and since we came back up from League Two we’ve won more games than we’ve lost in just three of 11 seasons. I imagine that stat will be updated to three in 12 seasons come May!


I didn’t take it as a negative, Milan!

For Mole to say that is massively disappointing, and speaks volumes of the lack of understanding and compassion the club has for supporters.