Walsall u23 Development Squad

What happend to us having an u23 development squad entered in a league this season ?

Not seen anything on the OS but according to this link we start our games tomorrow night.

Or I should say - not seen anything on the OS SINCE this.

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And by tomorrow night - I obviously mean this afternoon! :see_no_evil:


Scunthorpe played southend today


Postponed (until 29th October) due to fixture clash as Scunthorpe have a cup game.

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Iā€™d have expected some correspondence from club, regarding this. Cheers anyway :+1:

At least it confirms that our reserves will be playing in a league again this season (as promised).

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If you are having trouble I have a second hand time machine going cheep :see_no_evil:

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Think it must be an age thing. :smile:

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