Walsall vs Cov video


Well done Saddlers, as a neutral I really enjoyed watching the game and I hoped you enjoyed it as well.

I am a Groundhopping YouTuber who makes videos at each and every ground I visit, and I would really appreciate it if you could give my video a watch which contains all of the goals:


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Nice one mate :+1:t2:


Very enjoyable!


Very much enjoyed it.


Brilliant :+1:t2:


Very good watch


Enjoyed that. Ta.


Thank you very much for the positive feedback. Who you hoping for in the next round?


Personally I’d love a non league team away .


Enjoyable watch! You even managed to get a UTSer on there.


Well done groundhopper takes some balls to travel alone to strange grounds you’ve not visited before and to put together a video of your experience , glad you witnessed a saddlers win :+1: