Walsall WhatsApp

They have their own WhatsApp channel now as well. It’s mentioned on the Drogheda friendly link. I’m following

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What could possibly go wrong :rofl:

Interesting that it wasn’t showing when I searched WhatsApp channels, but only available through the Drogheda friendly link.

It is just a one-way channel, so you can’t reply like on a normal WhatsApp group. Only official club stuff should be on there - no comments or inserted links for other stuff like on X/Twitter.


Just another means of being notified nothing more nothing less. Fine by me, but you can ‘emoji’ the post


I gave the same issue when i search for Walsall FC or similar on the channels - nothing comes up?!?

I follow a few whatsapp channels and i quite like the idea of it simply being a newsfeed that you can just react to.

Yes, it’s easier than having to join other social media. Did you get onto the channel?

Anyone accessed this yet? If so, could you explain how. I can’t find it.

"We are also pleased to confirm the launch of the official Walsall Football Club WhatsApp channel, which can be accessed here: Walsall Football Club | WhatsApp-Kanal "

The above was at the bottom of the announcement about the Drogheda friendly. The link should work.


Cheers Jonathan
Added :+1:

No, i searched for a walsall fc channel again on whatsapp and nothing came up. I’ll try that drogheda link.

Cheers. I’ll try that link too.

That worked for me

Worked for me now as well! Great, thanks :+1:

Just had update pop up with photo attached, but that was removed straight away and didn’t get to see what it was…

Back on there now…

Phew! That’s a relief,it’s just informing us that as per usual we’ll be playing Solihull in a pre season friendly. I was worried in case they had signed somebody :smile:

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Thank you worked for me