Walsall's summer business not fit for the purpose

The worry is that Walsall haven’t won in eight matches and have bagged just one single goal in that time. After falling out of League One, they needed an upturn in fortunes, a lift for the supporters to believe in and get behind.

Instead, they’ve been handed another worry, another potential season of struggle and whilst Darrell Clarke may feel it’s going to be corrected, the personnel he’s believing in does not have the attributes he needs to deliver the football he desires.

That’s an extremely dangerous combination indeed.

What a good read from Real Efl website on someone elses views on the club . How we could be in for a season of struggle !


Who’s Victor Adebayo?

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Hopefully our striker after the Bradford match :grin::wink:

Can’t fault any of that, more than fair assessment.

A fair assessment? He hasnt even bothered to google us.

“Walsall haven’t won in eight matches and have bagged just one single goal in that time.”

Funny, without even checking I remember a goal against FGR, one against Grimsby and 2 against Crawley (that he must be using to get his 8 games).

Standard of reporting that the sun would be proud of.

Agreed. Nothing that anyone with a working knowledge of Wikipedia and the BBC Football homepage couldn’t have knocked up in 20 minutes: our results thus far (albeit wrong), Lavery’s goal record, and a reference to Adebayo at Swindon. Points to Sinclair and Liddle as “evidence” of our “wrong” summer business, but fails to note that those two have started less than 50% of league games together, and completely neglects Guthrie, Hardy, Holden, and McDonald, who have plentiful attacking potential between them. Rudimentary discussion about finding a balance, wherein a couple more of the latter group could be accommodated together would’ve been a step in the direction of insightfulness.

As it is, it could be summarised as: Walsall have averaged less than a goal a game so far. They also signed a lot of players in the summer. Therefore, the signings were all wrong. Pretty weak, in truth.


Done by somebody who knows absolutely nothing about the clear out we needed and the rebuild job Clarke needed to do.

We were relegated for a reason, because the players were not good enough. Simple as that.

You forgot The Manager, backroom staff, Bonser, Gamble and the Mole.

Fair article in my view. Summer signings awful and the only 2 who look half decent Hardy and McDonald never play anyway

Wind up alert…do not respond folks, I repeat DO NOT RESPOND!


Can’t be Gensanx - giveaway is that Pomlett isn’t mentioned.

I’m actually in Cyprus :wink: topping up my tan. Me and my brother will be watching on I follow.

Who’s Pomlett. Oh yeah… The Walsall chairman. He’s very quiet at the moment isn’t he

Why a wind up. Everyone says Hardy should play

Bonser confirmed.

And…There is no way Leigh could have secured the signings of Gary Liddle and Shay Facey without me passing all my money to him. Players like that are out of reach for clubs like Walsall

U should be happy. We couldn’t have secured Gary Liddle under my ownership

Absolutely nothing wrong with Gary Liddle, he’s be a good signing.

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