Want a contract at Bescot?

It might not be lucrative, it may even be zero hours, but if you fancy working among your heroes…


It is zero hours well it was last season and the season before my lad worked there lol.

That’s a lot of jobs!
Normal at walsall?
Loads left?
Or trying to improve experience?

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Can’t be zero hour if they’re advertising them as part time and full time roles, can they? I have no idea how it works though, more than likely a way an employer can work around it.

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Could have changed but it was zero hours.

Really pleased to see that the media team are on top of their game and have edited the advert, removing the three coaching roles that have recently been filled, ahead of this “Open Day”.

A living manifestation of why the club needed to put prices up.

Zero hours hospitality and leisure roles at minimum wage used to be easily filled. The labour force now has far more of the whip hand and can be far choosier usually meaning they can either argue for better terms and conditions and/or better pay.

We’ll struggle to fill those roles if we’re still acting like it’s 2015.

The solution for clubs like ours is to go a bit more non-league. At Marine the vast majority of those roles are taken by volunteers who want to be part of the club. The upside is that if the role allows they are able to watch big slugs of the game for free and they also get discounts on things like away travel and unfettered access to the supporters club. At our place that would look like a “benefits package” worth around £500 PA or £20 per game they worked. There’s also a massive difference to the matchday experience for punters. If the majority of staff are fans and the club matters beyond a few quid extra pocket money of a weekend, then you definitely see and feel that around the place.


Its a quality concept and would grow with the fanbase.

Could we offer positions or links to hospitality undergraduates at Walsall College / University. Something like a placement, and also provides a driven innovative workforce.

The undergraduate idea would also work across the club in other areas, security, analysis, nutritional, physio. Gets us into the community more and we could use their facilities for the players.

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Great shout.

You do worry that being backed by Venture Capital and being ran by a group of directors who haven’t had a decent idea for a decade that everything is seen through market dynamics, through knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Steph’s spreadsheets and Leigh’s thin skin where emotion, passion and goodwill don’t or can’t merit a column, a pounds value and therefore barely a worth.

I do hope Ben has time and inclination to look at all of this. Changes in the FA Cup will mean our revenue is at further risk the season after next. We really need a dollop of new thinking to enable us to compete by leveraging the existing and creating more goodwill that exists for the club. I know Leigh doesn’t value it at all but in everything Ben says it feels he must.

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My thoughts below might appear abit mental and abstract but bare with me.

There are so many measures for success in football and I have felt they (leigh et al) had a priority order in the past. Effort if work went from top to bottom.

  1. Revenue income.
  2. Reduction in debt.
  3. Commercial attraction* (how much we can attract sponsorship and appear well run)
  4. The Venue concept
  5. Football performance (if it effects the other priorities)
  6. Fans in general
  7. Matchday experience.

Rather than employing people to specialise in these areas they were working with two or three staff. The decline increased per the priority and i bet 6 and 7 were often not even worked on (I bet you could plot it on a graph)

If our new owners could delegate these priorities to specialists or individual ‘heads of department’ then it would work like a pyramid…

As we see improved matchday experience, then the fans and fan base improve, alongside the football performance. We can then work on the Venue concept out of footballing hours and that improves how attractive we are to Commercial interests. This reduces debt and improves revenue.

In the end it becomes a cycle… of success! :smile:

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