Was Cook's 2018/19 an anomoly?


A strange thought jumped into my head this morning, while out walking:

I think of Lightbourne, Wilson, Boli, Rammell, Leitao, Fryatt, Ricketts, Deeney, Grigg, Bradshaw, even Westcarr, and recall plenty of goals- quite vividly- that were scored in front of us at the Gilbert Alsop/Purple/F2G/Tile Choice/Homeserve end.

Of Cook’s (18?) goals in the season just gone, how many of them came at “our” end, at Bescot? I cannot for the life of me recall a single, solitary one. Every one that springs to mind was either away from home, or down the pitch, at the away end.

Could this be a psychological thing, where the player is concerned? Does he tire after, say, an hour? The only “late” goal I remember from Cook is the one at Barnsley, when he’d not long come off the bench.

Is it simply an unprecedented run of in-game circumstances? Or am I talking complete bobbins? Did Cook, in fact, notch 8 or 9 at our end, all in dour, tragic games that I’ve needfully and forcibly cast from mind?



The only ones I can think of are Luton and Burton at home.



And Boro in the Checkatrade.



Quick maths: home games Plymouth, Macclesfield cup game, Boro U21 cup game, Wycombe, Burton, Coventry FA Cup, Sunderland, Luton, Oxford and P’Borough. So 7+3 goals at home if I count correctly. For me it’s ok. Last season he played two leagues below.



Plymouth, Wycombe, Cov, Sunderland, Oxford, and Posh goals were all scored at the away end. Don’t recall the others at all.



He scored at the away end opening game of the season - Wimbledon perhaps?



Yeah Luton he smashed in the volley which was certainly infront of the home end.

People been hammering his fitness all year so guess big reason is he starts to flag in second half and isn’t as sharp reading the crosses and majority of second halfs attack the home end.