We have to sign Miller …

…… now, tonight, immediately!



Why would he sign now?

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Not saying he would, but we should. Imagine how shit we’d be without him.

I’d rather not, ta. Feeling bad enough as it is.


Saving our season. Take out his 7 goals…


Proper forward

Unless we’re challenging … no chance!

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We really need to be making an attempt as a club , because without his goals so far we’d be pretty much screwed already …

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True , and that’s what hurts now day and age no loyalty .

He’s had a few loans that haven’t worked out , and obviously not happy with his treatment at his parent club from them and fans reading between the lines , but his agent will be telling him to wait and see if anyone with bigger wages comes in for him , rather than signing for someone like us where he’s obviously happy enjoying his football again .


Yes he’s good. Should hit 20 goals this season if he stays fit.

A mid table league 1 club will sign him. That’s probably his level based on his career so far. Or top end league 2 perhaps.

Just have to enjoy him while he’s here and hope other areas of the pitch improve further as usually half the battle is finding someone who can regularly score and that’s caused this club plenty of issues in last decade.

True enough, with 7 goals in 9 games is it? Other clubs will be taking note, clubs that will probably blow us out of the water with what wages we can or will pay.

Has the question even been asked though? How much would they want is the first part, then at least put a decent package in front of him. You never know he may well be happy here.

I’d also like to see them enquiring about Menayse, not spectacular by any means but our best defender I think .


Best striker I’ve seen in this division since we have been in it.
As good as adebayo imo just totally different style of striker and not far of Bradshaw who is very similar to
Glad he plays for us, gutted he isn’t ours


Club needs to show some intent

A league one club will snap him up, however id be delighted if we could keep him after January.

He could very easily knock 20 odd in this year.

Miller will be gone in January if he carries on like this if we want him is irrelevant money talks I’m afraid .


Unfortunately, but understandably, he is playing for George Miller, not the supporters of Walsall FC, or even the club itself.


I think clubs will be well aware of how he is doing and will think he can do a job for them, and some of those will probably be in the division above us. I’d love to see him sign for us but am not hopeful. :frowning:

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On a positive note,well done for signing him up and giving him a chance.He seems to be enjoying himself and we love watching him,so let’s hope he wants to stay with us


Not often I disagree with you Belphie but on that I take issue.

He most certainly is playing for Walsall FC, that’s just a matter of fact, and I’m sure like all our players he’s enjoying the fantastic support of Walsall fans that he is in receipt of, especially when he scores even on a wet night in Oldham. Its got to be better playing for us than Barnsley ressies, or during lockdown for Scunthorpe both of which he’s experienced and can contrast with his current lot in life. I doubt he gives a second thought for “himself” whilst participating in a team sport in the name of Walsall FC with the colleagues he’s trained with and roomed with all week.

If he considers his future away from a workday, and those considerations are filled with offers of money and promises that are better than ours then that’s because of our inadequacy at boardroom level.

If george Miller was playing for Peterborough in L2 on loan they would already have the deal sewn up because clearly a shrewd 50k investment here would translate into at worst a 20 goal season striker to progress their football club, and at best that plus a nice sell-on 2 years later. But I guess that’s why they’re playing in the Championship despite having sold an endless stream of centre-forwards to other clubs, while we’re in the arse end of L2 with uncle Pomlett wondering if it would be more economical to install a key operated meter for the floodlights…and probably contemplating “what would Jeff do” :thinking: