We must have a thing about goalies

my Daughter:

my Grandaughter:


And also your Daughter again on the 2nd pic.

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So where are the pictures of them with Jonny Brain? Locked away in a deep, dark vault, perhaps? :smile:


I wouldn’t let any of them anywhere near Jonny Brain :stuck_out_tongue:
He might drop a small one. :rofl:


He’d have dropped your granddaughter for sure :grimacing:

That’s a nice picture, she looks happy.

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she didn’t stop talking about it for ages.
I’ve got a print of that photo signed by Clayton.


I’d turn for Jimmy Walker

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A friend of mine sent me an article the other day of Jimmy Walker putting together a saddlers team that could play in the Prem (which, hilariously, was basically all his mates. Fair play to him) and asked me If I could do better. I was spoiled for choice for keepers. Walker, Etheridge, Darlow and Ruddy (if you count loan players) you could probably make an argument for a few that weren’t lucky enough to make it to the Prem as well. Finding/developing keepers is something we are weirdly good at.

and many years ago we had Parkes and Wallington who went on to have careers in the top flight. With one or two exceptions (Brain ,Petterson for two) we have generally being well served by our goalkeepers. Mind you with some of the defences we have had they needed to be good!!

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