Well done to Daniels and Comley

I almost added excluding xmas & new year to my original post - as you can never remember what day of the week it is around then


Always used his noggin to make the right decisions and that’s not awl, whether imagined oriel, he could always be relied on, purlin out all the stops to keep a clean sheet.


I believe that during the pre-floodlight era we played matches on a Thursday afternoon as this was half day closing in the town so ensuring a decent crowd. Not Thursday evening though. I’m sure someone more knowledgable than me will either confirm or not.

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Yes, it’s a credit to the club that we have internationals showcasing their skills at places like The Blakes Estate Stadium, or The Thomas Robinson Stadium, which is never an easy place to go.


Bahamas - Guyana called off again - no news on the new date yet. Fingers crossed it doesn’t prevent Liam Gordon from returning as scheduled, but Guyana already have a game on Wednesday.

The match is supposed to be played in Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic, but there is major flooding there.


Daniels scored for :montserrat: tonight!


…with a header!

I didn’t realise that Lee Bowyer is the boss of Monserrat. It sounds like a good job to have!

I’m not sure when our boys will be heading home. The Guyana game doesn’t kick off until midnight* our time (if I’ve interpreted the schedule properly). I guess it might even be Friday before they get back to the sun and the sea and the rhythms of Bescot.

Edit: * Midnight tomorrow, that is.

Comley injured in the warm up. No mention of severity

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Big blow if true but absolutely delighted for Daniels, our captain fantastic is now an international goalscorer, how good does that sound?

“Sounds” taken from BBC bitesize:

Sounds are made when objects vibrate. The vibration makes the air around the object vibrate and the air vibrations enter your ear. You hear them as sounds.

You cannot always see the vibrations, but if something is making a sound, some part of it is always vibrating.

That’s how it sounds KC :wink:

I am very much in favour of these pointless international holidays for Walsall players. For me it means I got a well deserved break from the absolute dross that has been served up again so far this season.

I’ve really enjoyed this week. Gutted we have a game on Saturday.


He probably scored a screamer

Guyana beat Antigua 6-0 in a game that ended at about 2am our time, this morning. Liam will probably not be back home until Thursday evening.

Edit: Gordon got a hat-trick of assists. The third goal is quite something too.

Highlights | Guyana vs Antigua & Barbuda | 2023/24 Concacaf Nations League - YouTube

Thanks for posting this. The 3rd goal is indeed unusual. I love the way the keeper just stands still and watches the ball.

Difficult to judge the standard from the highlights but it seems Guyana have been promoted. Gordon broadly did for them what he does for us but the strikers had more space to make use of his work.

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It looks like it was another full back masterclass from Gordon who just goes from strength to strength, and adds to an already accomplished body of work this season.

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Best full back / wing back since Rico.

If only we had a couple of strikers in the box to take advantage of his work. To play just one up front is criminal.

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For me as important is midfielders getting in the box too (particularly when we only play one up top we have an extra man somewhere else), those making good intelligent runs from midfield are less likely to be well marked and also can benefit from any knock downs or half clearances around the edge of the box. If there is a confidence there will be quality delivery (and on Gordons side there is) we should sensibly commit more men forward to take advantage.