We'm on the telly


Our home game v Barnsley has been selected for Sky coverage.

a bloody 12:00 kick off now just for the armchair viewers.

Bradford £5 Ticket Offer


Shove your Sky where the sun don’t shine.


Don’t see the problem with a twelve o’clock kick off to be honest. Longer day out with pals.


Home games are more enjoyable with a belly full of beer


Rest of the day for that! Or watch it in the pub it’s on Sky after all.


Start early.


Does anyone know how much money a live EFL game will add to Jeffs fortune?


Almost as much as he hates the Romans already!


Good point


Well that discounts you.
Mention of you and pals is a oxymoron :grin:


Good one


12 o’clock kickoff?
■■■■ off Sky! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


International weekend let’s not forget…


It won’t get called off, we ain’t got enough. Neither have they I don’t think


Perfect occasion for the flags of a certain Mediterranean island to be flown?


Last thing I could see was £30k from a couple of seasons ago. Might be a bit more now.

That “do I do the 200 mile round trip or nip down my local” is even a question in my head demonstrates how bad things have got.


In which case it’s a winner even if no-one actually shows up on the day.


Yeah looks like you’re right. Was thinking of the usual Kins, Maz but then those two don’t even make the 18 anymore!


I hope this potential horror show is not broadcast until after the 9pm watershed


Surely if the campaign to provoke change has any real intent/direction, this is a golden opportunity for a match to be boycotted (but attended for purely protest purposes?)

The Sky cameras are always out and about around the ground before the game and if ever there was a perfect opportunity to gain some wider visibility of our plight then this must be it?

Just putting it out there…