Wes McDonald

Is it just me or are we witnessing the change in form of a club contract signing?

Our best attacking player by a mile (pre-signing)

Seemingly not interested and selfish (post-signing)

Just asking…

Even in his run of form I’ve noticed his brain is few seconds behind his feet.

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He’s a decent squad player nothing more, just highlights how far we have fallen!

Well DC prides himself on being a coach with all the badges,maybe he should be swapping him between left and right wing during a game,giving him a fullback who can do some of the work for him so he can concentrate on the final 30yds and either cutting in or crossing to the strikers.

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Wasn’t he class the game after? Always think it’s harsh to blame individual players when the whole teams playing ■■■■.

We have a weird habit of jumping on our best players for not being better than amazing every game. Sawyers, Ozzy, Cook. Expect McDonald to get the same.


Behind me at Carlisle, there was a bloke giving Wes all sorts of abuse in the first half for no reason at all and I didn’t get it at all, he then moved onto the lines lineswomen in the second half :rofl:

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Agree, many have overrated him hence the frustration when he isn’t playing a 10/10 game.

Wes didn’t have his best game yesterday, he’s not going to be the match winner and have great games all the time , Still relatively inexperienced and only 22 give him a break I say .


He plays in a position that is traditionally mercurial so we can’t put the weight of all of our creativity on his shoulders. So I’m not too worried about his feet.

What I am worried about is his mind-set. His decision making has gone awry. “My pen” straight out of the playground last week and then point blank refusing to play easy balls yesterday.

There was a load of positive press in the lead up to his contract and much of it suggesting he was a level above his team-mates. Really hope he doesn’t believe that stuff.


He isn’t the first and won’t be the last to have a dip in form after signing a new contract at a club thing is Wes has the ability to improve his form many of the others in this squad don’t they are just poor or poorer at any one time.

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All our efforts of attack seem too go down his side too so always want a lot from him so too speak, and in recent weeks hes had 2 men on him and been bullied out the games. Which shows how weak our right side is when it all flows left side or a hoof more than likely…He has been poor the last few weeks as have most so he cant be too blame…all tho yesterday in the first half we was pretty much missing and when he had simple balls on he did step over instead…First full season in league football and on a whole so far hes been really good…


You’re beginning to sound like DC…:smile:

He was tat vs Morecambe and nearly as bad yesterday.

I understand wingers are in and out of form but there’s no excuse for his lack of attempt at any sort of defending.

Only reason he was on the pitch so long is because he’s our only hope at creating something

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After that penalty fiasco, I would give him short break, to rethink some things. How he thinks he should play, how coaches want him to play, just to calm down emotions. And convince him, that later he can still be better player. Every player had some bumps in career, but he can overcome it.

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Wingers are often either very good or very poor. He was very poor yesterday but he may be different next week. I think he doing Ok in his first full season but he certainly needs to feed better placed teammates more.


This was the problem with the so called “improvement” that occurred either side of Christmas, it was attributable quite massively to Wes McDonald. Assist v Port Vale, two assists V Salford, goal v Scunny and winner out of the blue v Crawley. His inevitable downturn in form (he’s a winger, and that’s what happens) and hey presto we are the wrong side of the odd goals instead of the right side. I find that quite worrying.


Probably 99% of the fans, myself included, were screaming for the Club to sign Wes on a longer contract. He scored that wonder goal against Crawley straight after signing the new contract, so I don’t think that the finalisation of his contract has anything to do with it.

I don’t think that the penalty miss has helped, and if you notice his reputation has been picked up by other teams now so whenever he gets the balls he always has 2 or 3 opposition players closing him down straight away. So I think he needs to learn how to deal with that. But that is where DC comes in by either getting him to change and play on the right for say 10 minutes of a game, or just allow him more freedom to drop in more centrally to try and find more space.

Let’s face it, the whole team has been crap for the 3 games or so with the exception of the first half yesterday, so to pick on Wes is grossly unfair. He can’t do it by himself every game, he needs others to step up as well. The problem is that we have got any others to do this at the moment!!


If Wes McDonald has 2 or 3 opposition players on him there should be plenty of space and freedom for our other creative players, such as our attacking midfielders and right-winger…:thinking:


I am no where near as qualified as DC to pic a formation, but with the team we have surely a 4231 would be the best way forward. This means Holden can play central and we could maybe even give hardy a run in the team! But also Gordon wouldn’t be as lost on the wing as he could play higher and more narrow, I think you’d Also see more from McDonald. My only thought is maybe it would show weakness in defence but there would be no need for one midfielder to get forward as we would have a CAM rather than two forwards. A wise man once said The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

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Seem to remember both Oztumer and Sawyers having big dips in form/goals/assists in their time here. It happens. No doubt Wes could’ve proactively done better past couple of games with a bit more effort/confidence after the pen miss but he’ll be back to his best soon I’m sure.

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