What happened to the new signings


What happened to the new arrivals


We have until tomorrow to sign them on loan or unattached players.

I don’t see the issue.


I have faith


Kidnapped by aliens?


Waiting for their sausages to be cooked in the Matty Fryatt Hotel?


It seems my faith was misplaced…


We can still sign free agents


2 out, none in. Slightly worrying in a threadbare squad, hopefully some free agents will be joining.


I’m sure if Guthrie or Fitzwater gets injured tomorrow people will change their tune


Hardly squad players are they? There’s 4 players in front of Candlin and Vann has never even played.


I can appreciate we still have till tomorrow but why not show abif of efficiency and get them over the line now like 90% of the rest of the football league do


We can’t sign loan players tomorrow, window shut at 5:00pm today.


Both been on the bench this season. Vann gone, Roberts injured so who is our centre half cover then?


If Rochdale can get Zach Clough surely we can get someone in!!??


No idea. But Dann Vann leaving didnt cause that issue. It was there before. Literally hasn’t played a minute but now him leaving is causing a massive squad crisis, apparently. We should never be down to him in the first place.


Know he’s not a defender but still a coup for Rochdale or someone of our stature


Who mentioned a crisis? We all know we needed another centre half. Just concerning that we don’t have any other natural centre halves. If Fitzy or Guthrie get injured on Saturday or sent off, where does that leave us?


So, at the start of the day, Keates is saying he hopes to bring in 2, maybe 3 by the deadline with a centre back being priority.
And after the deadline? No-one comes in and 2 (albeit youth) players depart, one of whom was a centre back.
That has to go down as an anticlimax at the very least.


Isn’t that what having nobody to play in that position is? A crisis? Exactly what you are talking about here?

I’m not even disputing we need a centre half at all. I’ve said it myself frequently. But I don’t think Dann Vann going makes that any worse personally considering we’ve been desperate for centre halves before and he’s never been anywhere near starting. I mean we had a kid playing friendlies preseason in front of Vann so he wasn’t even the first choice of the kids.


Matt kilgallon left bradford, not the youngest but wouldn’t be a bad signing in my eyes, but of experience!