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What I spent my cash on


So didn’t take myself, my wife and my daughters to the game yesterday, but saved the £80 and spent it on the following, all prices approximate:

Trampoline park = £16
Cinema = £24
Now Tv Sky Sports day pass = £8

I’ve put the £32 saved and my petrol money in my own pension fund and my kids trainers ain’t covered in ■■■■.

Pension Fund FC pride of the Black Country!


I went to the game, bought the excellent programme,.had an over priced cuppa at £2.20,saw several friends, had some good laughs ,moaned at the inadequate referee and went home disappointed. Pretty much the same for over 50% of the games I have seen since 1959 however I live locally and feel for those of you who travel distances to see us. The traffic is horrific and the form of the team so unpredictable I can understand you not coming.


Obviously different being an exile, but I went to Blyth Spartans V Boreham Wood. ie the club we signed Ferrier from and whom Justin Shiteboo currently masquerades for. £12 and 5 quid for me and the boy, so no putting up prices because it was a cup-tie against higher league opposition. Part-time Spartans played their hearts out and won, against their gutless, southern, full-time opponents, who would have been in the football league but for Cookie et al. Shiteboo was so anonymous I was cringing at the thought that this time last year we were signing him to play for us in League One.


I’ve been going to Walsall since 1990.

The 3 things I enjoyed and was most proud of during this time;

  1. Atmosphere and camaraderie on the terraces

This would now be referred to as ‘match day experience’. Even when there wasn’t many of us, we sung each players name before the game, there was a level of togetherness. It felt like I was a supporter and part of community - not a ‘customer’.

  1. Our away following

Since Bonser did whatever he did to wrestle control of the club, we have been pretty poorly supported at home. However, our numbers away were always terrific in comparison and the % of home fans that travelled away was one of the highest in the league for many years. The atmosphere was usually great away also.

  1. A laugh with mates and a drink before a game

There was a group of 15 - 25 of us that had season tickets and it was as much a social gathering as football. We were young, hooked and enjoyed the whole experience.

All of the above is now dead? Its gone - it doesn’t exist! How the hell is the club going to survive with a few fans that have been going since 1959 and are so stuck in their ways they refuse to acknowledge the decline? So selfish that their actions could see the ruination of the club.

2 people from that group of 25 still go - they’ve all had kids and choose not to bring them! Why would you - I took mine and he was nicked by Birmingham City’s progressive policies & significantly cheaper prices - after all the work I put in to bring him and make him a Saddler!


But why is it gone and dead? Only through fans whipping themselves up into a frenzy about something which didn’t seem to have the same effect on them then, even though the conditions still existed.

Yes, I fully understand and appreciate the bonser issue but in the end, it’s you and your mates who have caused the things you list to stop.

By th the way, I’m not being critical of you in saying that and I fully support your right to choose whatever you want, but do you see my point?


I only stopped going this season because my son was stolen by a more progressive club - I also discovered that this club (in a higher division) was charging £10.50 LESS admission for him. That club offers points 1, 2, 3 above; we did not offer 1,2, 3 above, charged him double to enter and guess where he is hooked watching his football? He will go on to be part of a 15-25 social group at Birmingham City. I also discovered that I could get admission at Birmingham for less than I pay at Walsall.

I never knew any of this - I had no reason to, I’m a Walsall fan. But can you see why I am ■■■■■■ off? @chunkster mentioned the same happened with youngsters in his family - ended up at Villa. We aren’t attracting youngsters. It’s not our job as fans - its the clubs! I did my bit to get him hooked at Walsall FC and Walsall FC failed!

It’s not going to end any time soon, either. Youngsters are not attracted to Walsall and those that are are cherry picked by better offers elsewhere - when their families have done all they can to make them Walsall fans. Not very positive really is it?


Fair enough, I appreciate you explaining.

On your last point, I’m not sure. I don’t support Walsall because the club attracted me, I support them because my dad does and that’s where he took me. Same with my son. But maybe you’re right and the modern game has changed, whereby clubs have to attract “customers”.


Going to Fellows Park could be somewhat unpleasant but it was cheap and easy to go. You didn’t have to plan anything, you just decided an hour before the game you were going and off you went with a few quid in your sky-rocket. For a teenager with 10-20 quid burning a hole and a bunch of similar mates going to watch Walsall at home is like mission impossible, whereas as has been described going to other nearby clubs is easy. And we have a CEO who “doesn’t know what more he can do” and can’t work out how to police a student concession.


This is the sort of compelling real life stories that should shock stun and upset the board as much as it upsets fellow fans into reading. They simply couldn’t care less. ■■■■■


I don’t think I would have been hooked on present day Walsall FC, either. That’s the problem!

Like you, my Dad took me to my first game. He took me up behind the goal and after the first rendition of ‘come on you reds’ and all the banter flying around I was hooked in seconds.

I took Jake for 3 years, he sat in silence behind the goal and as we know quite often there isn’t an audible chant in the fist 45 minutes! We are surrounded by 6k empty seats with a large sterile area preventing any kind of banter. What is there to hook him in? All of that 1,2,3 above and a saving of £10.50 at a Championship club? At 18 years old I would have been off too.


Sorry you see the need to attack me because I am loyal to my team.You should go on the BREXIt thread were it is clear us old ‘uns don’ t count. I am selfish because I support my team and by my support I could see the “ruination of the club”…what utter nonsense!!! It is you who will ruin our Club by withdrawing your support. I accept there are issues to be dealt with and agree that JB needs to go and soon but will it make that much difference at the end of the day? Unless people are willing to support a Division 1 team which may or may not challenge for promotion then we might swell pack up.


Since the Saddlers Club closed me and my mates have gone in the Bonser Suite after the game. What a farce that place is, quelle surprise! Twenty minute wait to get served overpriced, shitly kept beer by uninterested and inefficient bar staff.

Yesterday we decided to race out for the 5pm train. We walked up to the BCA and was served no later than if we’d gone in the Bonser Suite. It was also a quality product at a reasonable price, served by pleasant staff who were appreciative of our custom. I think this strategy will be a common thing.

Well done WFC, your pathetic attitude towards paying customers has lost you more revenue.


If every fan going to the game went somewhere else for a pre match pint, it might make them sit up and take notice.At least it would be a starting point for a protest.


We go elsewhere for pre and post match pints :grinning:


Hopefully fans that want to stay loyal to the team could meet us halfway with a boycott of the bars and kiosks at the ground? it’s not as if it’s a pleasurable experience anyway.


For the love of God don’t tell me coffee is priced differently in relation to where you sit? Mine was £2.30 in the family stand.


I’ve seen worse ‘attacks’ on you tbf! If you can still squeeze any enjoyment from that ‘experience’ at all while spending that much cash then fair play. I’m in my mid 30’s and can find much better, cheaper and enjoyable things to do with a Saturday afternoon.

I was loyal to my team for 30 years and they ■■■■■■ it up once and for all for the reasons above! Not only that but my 72 year old Dad has stopped going having seen the farce I have gone through with my son = 3 fans lost with a combined support of 100+ years. You remind me of that violinist that continues to play as the Titanic sinks.

Nobody here to blame but the hierarchy at Walsall Football Club. I would only be ruining ‘Pension Fund FC’, anyway.


Any CEO or owner reading this should be shaken into action. Our lot? Apathetic to a man. Imagine the scenes if comments like this were made about The Venue Birmingham and people were deciding to go elsewhere for their event?

I look forward to our next early bird campaign, I really do…

“Come along, be a happy clapper and walk through ■■■■ without any food and remember how lucky you are. Choose watching your friends and family decide to pay less to watch our far higher placed rivals - the club is very happy with their current price point, thanks for asking, and you should be too. Choose to be in a half empty, decaying stadium with no atmosphere, watch the match, go home, shut up - please forward any future correspondence elsewhere. Choose to fund a club with no ambition, scraping a League One place endlessly until they can’t even do that any more, but please buy an early bird season ticket - stronger together, 12th man, bring a friend for a fiver, what more can we do. Choose life. Choose Walsall.”


Reminds me of something from a Bull Burr routine haha. And of course, the reason his routines are so funny is because they 100% correct.


Thats quite easy to boycott the kiosks when they do it themselves , there’s never anything left :wink:

And as for the Bars there’s normally only two on when the queues are nearly on the way back down the stairs

mind you i think the kiosks are running low because it’s majorly contributed to by the guy who stands next to me … he eats one prior to kick off then gets another at half time , and i wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t get one on the way out :rofl: