What is the point of P&O?

Well? What have they ever done?

To be honest they’ve done more than Mole.

Agreed, always been a Stena man myself mind.


Used to do a cracking day trip offer to Calais - 6 free bottles of wine, a cooked breakfast and return ferry trip.

Good question- what is their point now Eurotunnel is so much quicker?!


Well you dont get the white cliffs experience on le shuttle, just the arse end of Calais experience

Better than the Bescot experience

Wouldn’t find Jane Mc Donald singing on one so that’s a plus for me

The ferry turns quicker than Ward so that’s a positive. Spirit of Britain at left back on Tuesday?!

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Nah, Pride of Calais, it had a mcdonalds aboard didn’t it? Always a winner


Time to give these ferry puns a wide berth…

Don’t get to see a 15ft rib with 45 people on it either.