What is the point of Walsall FC?

After today’s non-performance, it’s obvious that the club is nearing rock bottom. The squad building in the summer was unbalanced and inadequate in both numbers and quality. That has to be down to Fullarton and the board. No adequate steps have been taken to address that imbalance in the January transfer window - this has resulted in us having only one available centre-half and no proper options at centre-forward. This season is turning out to be a carbon copy of last season with an have an inadequate squad facing a relegation battle.

How have we got to this? Why can’t we compete with similar sized or even smaller clubs? What is Walsall Football Club for? Are we just a vehicle for a pension fund? How do we get better than this?

No point and yes we’re a vehicle for a pension fund.

Thread done.


But why can’t we compete with the likes of Orient?

Because we’re just a vehicle for a pension fund.


Bad as this is, " nearing rock bottom" could well be hopeful. There’s potentially a long way down to go yet. First when we run out of clubs in an even worse state than we are, which could well be next season.

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After watching that this afternoon you have to question why you go , have a season ticket …rubbish

Oh and we’re run by an untouchable clique of out of date, incompetent, clueless morons.


I wouldn’t count on that, this Board will find a way to smash through bedrock to plumb greater depths of despair and failure.

We don’t have to. They do. But until they get better, we wont get better.


This ain’t rock bottom, wait till we’re in the sixth tier.

The point of the club is to keep the Bonser family rich.

We are considerably worse off than last year, we were selling players we owned and had a better squad.

Joke of club run by clowns

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Pension Fund FC.

That’s all it is. Making one man and his brother very rich.


There isn’t anymore.

Fold the fecker and start again

Absolute shambles!!! I refuse to attend again until anything significantly changes. With that in mind I won’t be going for a long time! False promises to keep the fans sweet and keep paying there money… I’ve had enough

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Point of Walsall fc

  • give away fans a reason to celebrate
  • create fortress failure
  • break the countries worst teams losing runs
  • allow former released players to tear us apart raising self esteem
  • create jobs for ‘football ‘ players deemed unwanted by every other club in the world
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