What is Walsall FCs worst ever season

  • 1952/53
  • 2020/21
  • I used to enjoy football

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I’ll have to wait for the people that saw the 52/53 season to have input because I never saw it. This ones the lowest though.


I don’t think there will be many :joy:

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Taking into account my tender years then this season for me :grin:

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Likewise for me mucka .

Sad but true , and what made it even worse was being sat at home watching it on IFollow instead of being able to vent ones spleen on the terraces .

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I honestly think things would have turned out different if we had been allowed in to vent the old spleen.
LP has got away with murder without the ire of the fans :wink:


Yeah we’d probably of been arrested … :smile:

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Don’t knock it till you have tried it :joy:

If UTS were around during the re-election years it would have melted down.

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1952/53 looks bad when you see who were Champions of Three South.

Ok, who were the Champions that year?

I know who it was in 68 :grin: :wink:


I see the poll result is not in favour of your thoughts @Andy_Petterson.

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Would be interesting (sort of) why people are voting the way they are.

Suspect it’s because re-election was a long time ago rather than any rational thought process.

Think of our former manager and its not Port vale

Ray Graydon and Bristol Rovers?

Or possibly because statistically this season is our worst season in 100 years.

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I hope you’ve used a rational thought process to find that conclusion, Rob.


Yes it was Bristol Rovers. Clue was DC really. I meant it wasn’t Port Vale but like your thinking re Sir Ray.

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No. That’s a subjective assessment. Look beyond the historical accident that division 3 was split into north and south 70 years ago. There were still 92 teams back then and we had to apply for re-election. We won’t have to this year.