What’s going on with Sam Perry

I have read quite a few dissenting comments regarding Sam Perry not being involved with the first team.

What’s the deal then fellas? Having not seen him I cannot comment one way out the other, however, I’m puzzled as to why people think the D.C. is wrong not to include him, when they can’t have seen him play in the last year either.

Is there something in it or just an easy excuse to bash the manager?

In my case I admit that it’s a reason/excuse to bash the manager as I haven’t seen Perry play.

My gripe is that as recently as yesterday the manager was again stating that he has a small squad as part of the reason for our situation and that he has lost two of his better players to transfers. The transfers are the only area where I feel he has a reasonable excuse.

By my reckoning we currently have 27 players listed as the first team squad which seems an ample number to me. He futher states that we have a lot of injuries. I know of Clarke and Holden, with possibly Willis. Three isn’t a lot in my book. Yes, about 5 of the squad are our own kids and are untried.

I would contend that with the manager’s excuse of needing to rotate players earlier in the season owing to the Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday-Tuesday schedule, that the squad should not still contain untried youngsters as they should have been given their chances if his reasoning was legitimate. The most obvious of those youngsters being Perry who apparently most very good in his sole appearance last season.

Sorry but got to break off now as my dinner/tea/evening meal is ready for consumption.

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I’ve known Sam and his family for years and have followed his progress with interest and I was really pleased when he came across from the Villa to us
I actually sat with his dad when he played against Portsmouth’in the EFL Trophy . Portsmouth played a very strong team and after a quiet start to the game Sam grew into it and was probably man of the match , since then nothing !
I did think about contacting his dad but decided against it .
All I can say is that knowing the family I would be massively surprised if it were a attitude problem.
Only DC knows the answer


Think the major problem is the news blackout at Bescot. Both Perry and Willis were given contracts for this year.They were described as the future of the club. They are bigger lads than our current midfield duo and Perry apparently had a really good game when he played last year.I know from contacts I have that Willis is highly rated.However the only news given out about them is as follows.Willis broke a metatarsal in September.DC said he would be fit in December .This was said in October …no news since. Perry has not been mentioned at all until the last couple of weeks when DC said he would be considered now Guthrie had gone but as the reserves hadn’t played any games and he had been training with the youth team some of whom had been isolated because of COVID. he wasn’t match fit!!
At a club like ours a lot of fans are interested in the youngsters coming through and this failure to keep us informed is ridiculous and counter productive. Perhaps the local reporters could ask questions about these matters rather than get individual players telling us week after week how good they are!!


Interesting that Alfie Bates has played 30 odd games and is only 8-9 months older than Sam.

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He should be Playing he is a great player DC needs to put him on the bench soon so he can make an impact when he comes on etc

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And on what I’ve seen no where near Perry’s ability

As I said, I haven’t really seen him, but it does seem odd that a similar aged player is getting regular starts and he is not?
Bates and Kinsella isn’t a great pairing and of the two, Kinsella is a shoo in for me, so is it a case in DC’s mind of Bates or Perry?

Out of interest, how would you describe Perry’s style of play?

He’s physically bigger and stronger than Bates , decent in the air and more ( or was ) progressive in his play .

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Wasn’t the reasoning behind him not being in the squad much over the past month is because he’s been playing with the youth team who had to self isolate because of covid?

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That’s the story , point is he should be in the first team squad


I guess he was always going to get more minutes in the youth team, so a decision has to be made. More minutes in the youth team and no first team action until we don’t have to seperate the squads, or in the first team squad and get hardly any minutes?

I guess that could change at any point but I do understand it.

I don’t understand why Perry might come into the frame now that Guthrie’s gone, when he didn’t when Guthrie was here and not in the match day squad on so many occasions.

Has Sam Perry really tried his best to impress Darrell? I mean, has he grown an interesting beard? Or put on a massive pile of weight? Or changed his name to Sam Clarke? All of these things seem to impress Darrell, and until Sam has tried some or all of them, we have to question his commitment. Being a promising footballer isn’t enough at WFC in 2021, he needs to go the extra mile.


Maybe he’s not pledged his undying allegiance to The Project.

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DC seems to mention he’s going to get a chance every few months … then doesn’t give it to him :man_shrugging:

A dastardly plan to throw opposition managers off, I’m sure.


I think we’ve settled for being hard to beat rather than going all out to win. From what I’ve seen from his one game and read Perry is a footballing midfielder. Foot on the ball and spray it about type. Basically Alfie Bates of 18 months ago.

I think that including the keeper we build a team that is first and foremost seven players who’s job it is to dispossess, tackle, save and clear. We then pick two wide players half of who’s job is to help the seven in their endeavours. Then we pick two others who can hopefully get near some of the clearances and stop it coming straight back. Then in amongst the rough and tumble of the game we grab a corner or free kick that we can get lots of bodies into their box and hope it lands.

That’s as much of a plan and structure as I can see and from the limited amount I know, Perry’s game doesn’t quite fit.


Sounds like a poor man’s Allardyce

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I think there is some issues with the bubble malarkey.

Seems odd we give him a pro deal and never even play him.

I’d like to believe that, but his track record just isn’t very good with giving youngsters a chance. It’s weird that Perry’s name gets dropped every now and then (he literally picked out Sam Perry when he went on his weird rant about Guthrie’s wages as somebody who “he’d like to give more minutes to”. Maybe he has to ask the manager, I don’t know).

Bates has played a lot this season but last season was frozen out for months and I really think that stunted his development. He wasn’t playing youth football and he wasn’t even on the bench he was just … doing nothing. CCM is in the Norman boat of “make one mistake and you are on the naughty step” while others seem to be allowed to be as haphazard as they like. And … I’d like to give you more examples but literally nobody else has come through in like 4 years (clearly not a DC issue that one).