What’s good at the club?


Given all the issues that are on here, ranging from the plumbing, the chairman, the pies, the shop, replica kits, rent, communication, PR, painting, atmosphere, strategy, vision, the owner, the stansions, our defence, the relegation battle, the undisclosed transfer fees, the ticket prices, turnstiles, toilets, the youth program & the pension fund.

What is actually good at the club at the moment?

Match Day Program?
Ball Boys?


Good question


If we stay up this year - what do we realistically have to look forward to next year? The same as the majority of the last decade or probably worse.

I doff my cap to anyone that wants to take a wedge out of their hard earned wages for that. For me that very special football ingredient - hope - has all but gone. We know exactly what Jeff and his business model will serve up again, year upon year - it’s just sad.

Expectation has always been low but there has always been an element of hope…:tired_face:


4097 there tonight which is equates to a little over 3000 home fans - I thought these category A games were crowd pullers :thinking:

Another sign of the terminal decline of the club


Absolutely nothing :disappointed_relieved: apart from the club running through your veins.
I hate my family for introducing me to Walsall fc.
I love my family for introducing me to Walsall fc :thinking:
Or do i just hate what has become of Walsall fc under the present regime ?


The services of Kelly Brook in the smoking area.


This season has shown how stupid Cat A pricing is.

I reckon there were a few who went on Saturday, enjoyed it hugely and looked at going to Pompey but were put off by the price increase.

At least scrapping of all that will be something good about the club next season.


Not the new wallpaper in the savoy lounge


The phrase “clutching at straws” springs to mind :wink:


Bonser bank balance😟


Definitely NOT the ‘security guard’ asking to see my ticket having just watched me walk up the stairs straight from the turnstile entrance


Don’t worry they have the average intellect of a cretin :roll_eyes:


I will give a straight answer…the programme is excellent and well worth £3. I enjoy meeting the people I sit by …some old(very old) friends and some new ones. We have a laugh and some good banter…for me despite some poor games I still enjoy going and I will go as long as I can.


Here’s another straight answer - the girls in the ticket office :wink:


Agreed…they always deal with me properly and well.


Mick Kearns. He is Walsall through and through, does a lot for the club and the community.


Always boils down to an expected larger away following , bang the prices up for a quick kill.

Trouble is it reduces the chances of a bigger home crowd because the clubs blinkered approach .


■■■■ me you telling me i missed her again …


The memories, the black humour… and the nagging, inexdinguishable hope.


I wonder how much influence ifollow is having on midweek attendances, Particularly away supporters?