What’s our best team?

I think the time has come for Darryl Clarke to stop tinkering and start picking a settled side. Clarke is managing Walsall like we are in the Champions League. The secret to success in the 4th Division is consistency, keeping it simple so that basic players know their roles. So, I think Clarke should stick with a settled side. My team would be (in a 4-2-3-1 formation):

Rose - Clarke, Scarr, Jules, Pring - Sinclair, Guthrie (or Bates) - MacDonald, Hardy, Gordon - Lavery

Subs: Roberts, Facey, Sadler, Kinsella, Gaffney, CCM, Roberts (K)



You might struggle with that line up for Saturday, Pring went off injured last night so did Jules after coming on as a second half sub. Someone also said on twitter that James Clarke looked like he was carrying a knock late on last night. Obviously we have lost Sadler for three games too. So the defensive line up on Saturday will be interesting. I bet Liddles back in the side. Although I hope not, should never kick another ball for us, robbing a living.

Then there are our two regular injured players Guthrie and Lavery, and as usual with DC’s lack of information, we have no idea when we can expect to see them grace us with their presence on the field of play.

With Guthrie it appears to be two games on the field and three games off, spent on the treatment table, or tv, complete waste of a huge chunk of our budget.

I am not his biggest fan, never got the hype at all, very average player, who gets a headache when he gets anywhere near the opposition penalty area, where was the fans favourite / superstar player Kinsella last night, nowhere near the squad, was he another one of DCs scapegoats for last Saturday.

Suspended mate.

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With the injuries and suspensions we picked up last night, the defence could look something like:

Cockerill-Mollett, Scarr, K.Roberts/Liddle, Norman. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the update, didnt know that.
Not that he would have made any difference last night.

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If K Roberts is fit that would particularly interesting. 2 Keates signings, 1 Whitney Signing, and one of our famous academy products, all then managed by Clarke :flushed::flushed::flushed:

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Now that is scary especially with Mansfields forward two of Cookie and Maynard visiting Saturday.

They lost to Salford last night so will be looking to win no doubt and we all know Cookie will want a goal or two.

Good bet for the weekend looks like a hatrick for the returning Cookie.

Especially against the ramshackle defence we are likely to have out.

I like the look of that team …certainly the back 4 is the best we have.

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After seeing the first 15 games I’m with DC in not having a clue what our best line up is.

In that squad I’m afraid there aren’t 11 players worthy of playing for Walsall.
That’s my opinion of watching the Saddlers for 65 years.
I rest my case m’lud


We seem to have had an incredible amount of injuries already this season. Have we just been unlucky or may it be another reason?

If everyone is fit

Clarke Scarr Jules Pring
Bates Guthrie McDonald
Lavery Gaffney

What formation it is, I don’t have a clue :joy:


Funny isn’t it that we have so many injuries? i sometimes think players could be tempted to feign injury so that they don’t have to play in a ■■■■ poor team, just a thought :wink:


No idea. But it can’t include Gary Liddle or Rory Holden.


Rose, Clarke, Scarr, Jules, Pring, Hardy, Guthrie, Sinclair, McDonald, Lavery and Gaffney.

That XI is based on performances so far this season. But come January, some of those would be swapped out.

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Not so. It is a one-match ban for a DOGSO (denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity)

These rules are weird. What is a three game ban for, a sending off for a dangerous tackle?

Our forwards are absolutely pathetic. Only I league goal from open play from all 4 of them! The jury is still out on Lavery due to his injury, but the other 3 have had more than enough to prove (some might say, improve) themselves by now.
The more I see of Gaffney the less impressed I’ve become, he runs around like a drunken Giraffe, at least his posture is similar to one…long legs, small brain.
I’ve never questioned their work ethic, but we need quality, motivation, desire and commitment to accompany the huff and puff.

I’m more inclined to think the following,
Marsh Viveash. Barras. Aranalde

Rees. Bennett. Sawyers. Mathias

                       Rammel.           Buckley

Subs, Barber, Dann, Fox, Preece, Lighbourne.

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Obviously 4 4 2