What the?



Oh dear! :man_facepalming:


Quickly retracted!


thanks for the screenshot… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not retracted quick enough! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
There were about 5-6 replies from fans underneath! :joy:


Poor bloke!


Characters on Facebook getting right stuck into him.

He’s never pretended to be a died in the wool Walsall fan from birth. And I still think he prefers boxing.

He’s at Walsall to do a job. He’s doing that job pretty well in my opinion. And he has undoubtedly got a great affection for the club too.


:joy::joy::joy: oh well at least he tries bless him


Agree with @P.T, Mole works hard for the club and gets a lot of unwarranted stick. I doubt the Chinese board members at Villa, Blues, Albion or ■■■■■■ have an encyclopedic knowledge of their club histories either…


Was he there?


Everybody can make a mistake!!! but that is a BIG’UN…


I don’t think he was at the club at the time? but either way i think he means well :wink:


Mountains out of Molehills


I can’t see the screenshot, what did he say?


Me either!


It was a reference by Daniel Mole to our play-off win at Cardiff 17 years ago, but he had used as a headline “Great feeling to win at Wembley”:grimacing:


Ouch :see_no_evil:


I wouldn’t know - then again, neither would the Sloppies! :joy::joy::joy:


Blokes a clown , consistently making mistakes and putting himself in the firing line.

If the truth be known I think he enjoys the attention.

Hearts in the right place mind.


If only he’d posted it on April 1st.