What time is it


Independent saddlers supporters association


it’s time Dean once and for all decided what his best starting line up, is. and play it regardless of contract issues or behind the scene spats

It’s time some of those players took a long hard look at themselves, and played with the passion and pride that red shirt of ours deserves

It’s time that the owner and board of directors, finaly realise that the austerity measures that are. In place , are neither. Saving the club , and certainly not progressing it in any way and it’s time to put a new battery in there clock, as it appeared to stop many years ago

It’s time that all this nonsense both on and off the field stopped, And treat 7 45 tonight as a new start, otherwise the loyal band of supporters, who are never late, will start turning there backs, in there droves,

Come on you reds show us what your made of tonight, Surely you have seen us suffer enough AND IT,S TIME TO PUT IT RIGHT


15:25 at the moment mate


19:03 here in Norway


Just gone 18.23 here in rainy Cardiff. Joking aside - agree with the sentiment.


18:26 in sunny Swansea


Sunny at 18:26? It’s pitch black out there (unless you’re imbibing something really special)!! :wink:


It’s the pills :rofl:


More like Pils … :tongue:


Actually, I have just settled down with a Mad Goose (not Pinnacle) Pale Ale.


Time Bonser went.


Before that a certain club legend will be on his way out of the door, probably before the evening is over.


It’s time for AFC Walsall. It’s time to leave Bonser with his pension fund and I hope he’ll be very happy counting his millions. It’s time to support a club with some ambition, rather a club dying from the inside out. It’s time to have a season where we are not fighting just to survive. It’s time to support a team that plays for the fans, with an owner(s) whose first priority is success on the pitch, not how much money they can squeeze out of the club. It’s time for change!


Then I’d have to change my car number plate. It’s not easy when it’s SADDLR.


Time for this for Deano I am afraid.


Bonser out time.


Time for deano to go … A legend as a player… worse than Whitney as manager


Rushall Olympic ?