What was the match where Pedro

…scored at the railway end with a lob, that looked to us in the home end , to be going 20 yards over.

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Fulham. Only realised it had gone in when the family stand jumped up :rofl:

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Ta very much Mr Funk.

While we are on completely strange subjects…
Will somebody please confirm that Luton Town, the hatters, used to play in white shirts/black shorts, rather that this ghastly Blackpool knock off orange’ish shirt they play in now. Mate of mine says I’m talking donkey twaddle, but I know I am right for a change!

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Yes they did. For a number of years, last seen in 2008-09.

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Thanks, thought I wasn’t dreaming…

For the first 20 years of the 20th century they played in light blue, then played in various combinations of black and white until the mid 70s when they started wearing orange shirts for about five years. They have gone back to orange for the last decade and a bit.

Well their current shirts are shite, Luan Tarn should be in white shirts!

Eric Morecambe thought the white and black was dull, the orange was his idea.

Is there a tie in with EasyJet, whose livery is orange and Luton Airport is one of their main departure points in the UK?

I’m 90% sure that Pedro lob against Fulham was a Friday night Sky game so should be footage somewhere but not on YT as far as I can see.

It was indeed. I spent the whole day and evening in The Imperial, The Court House, Sports Bar, Fullbrook. It wasnt long before Christmas

I cant remember the result. Just the Pedro lob and the fact we lost :joy: