What's your next excuse for missing a home game?

Given the bumper attendance anticipated tonight, what’s your best excuse for wagging a home (or away) game?

I have to make the effort to go to midweek games go to work late on night shift which means I’m out of the house from 6pm til 430am if I went to the game tonight I’d then have to go to work tomorrow night at 4pm - 4am to make the time up .
That’s more effort than the Walsall player’s put in last week so I’m out I’d happily have gone to the game tonight if we’d have maybe won the Carlisle game and Lost to Swindon or the other way around but to lose 3 games in 3 competitions in 7 day’s is pathetic.


Tonight I’m going for weather and traffic. The M6 is awful most weekdays and in this weather there is bound to be a mishap somewhere along the way.

Of course if the team was doing better I’d be tackling the challenge. But it’s pretty depressing stuff just now - not just the football but the whole feel around the place - especially midweek mid winter.

I only missed three games home and away up until Carlisle away. I will have now missed three on the trot. Fickle.


I am trying to think of one. I still don’t feel great but I think I really just don’t fancy being cold and miserable tonight.

I’ll just trot out the old (very old) excuse:
They didn’t come to see me when I was bad.


Last match I didn’t attend to through choice was AFC Wimbledon Away under Whitney, just generally couldn’t be arsed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I haven’t got an excuse, i have just lost interest, don’t find it entertaining anymore and sick of being taken for a mug


Losing interest to be honest. Same s**t different season. Can’t actually remember the last home game I enjoyed.


Fat fingers mistyped, meant your best actually.

My excuse for tonight is that I can’t be bothered on a cold probably rainy night.

This is exactly how I feel tonight. I just have an overwhelming feeling if I don’t go, I’ll miss a great performance.

I’m sure I’ll wake up some time soon!

Orient match in April as I’ll be at a family wedding in Cornwall.

The dog has eaten the kid’s homework


I missed my ferry.

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An invite to Mr Speaker’s carol service so can’t make tonight’s match

Ifollow and my lad being away are my excuses.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve become used to watching us on the iPad since I retired and signed up to it in Spain 3 or 4 seasons ago

I used to watch us more live when I was living in Swansea as it was an excuse to come up and visit for the weekend, or I would arrange a business meeting in the week near to where we were playing.

I can hardly be arsed to go now when I’m over here as I can just pour a nice glass of something and don’t have to travel or freeze my nads off.
I’ll go when the lad is here or meet him for the odd away match down his way.

My only mitigation is that I do pay for the ifollow ST so am financially supporting the club, but I need some incentive to get my arse frown there, and it ain’t gonna be for the beer.

If I don’t fancy it.

Talking about excuses- when I was a prefect in the Sixth Form we had to fill in “The Late Book” for any kid who was not there on time, with a reason why. After a while we concluded that the staff never looked at the book so we used to make up ridiculous reasons. My two favourite contributions were, “Got foot stuck in kettle” and “Had to put some grease on the cats boil”.

Be interesting to see how. Many. Turned up tonight. If the official actual. Number in. attendance was given out.

But it won’t be. Season ticket holders will be included in the attendance wether they are there or. not

Hope you don’t mind chunks but I will also give the same reason.

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