WhatsApp group chat

I seem to have group chats for what seems to be every part of my life, from work to football manager to friends and family chats, but no Walsall FC chat! I have made a group chat and the link is below. I think this could be useful for club/transfer rumours, spare tickets/ travel spaces and a place to discuss results. Enjoy!

Hi Tamworth

A nice idea in principle! My only misgiving is that it reveals my mobile phone number to a great deal of people, and whilst I am not against the idea of a Whatsapp group, I have to put my data protection and security hat on for a moment and respectfully say that I dont think this is for me.

A better idea, for those familiar with the platform, might be a Telegram group. I am a member of several of these, and feel it offers a bit more protection from personal data being shared, e.g. none of the Telegram members numbers that I am in a group with appear in my contact details, whereas with Whatsapp, they do.

Would be happy to trial the setting up of a Telegram channel if there was interest in one?

Thanks for the idea though, nice to build community spirit :slight_smile: and gawd knows we need as much of that as possible in life right now…

Hey Shilts, get it set up and send over the details!

You mean, like this site you’re using?



To be fair though Exile, this site originally started life as a mailing list until someone managed to get space on a server we could use to host a discussion board. And retro is apparently in again …