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I realise that technically speaking this counts as ‘General Football’ rather than specifically Saddlers themed; however as its’s something I feel strongly about (& looking how relatively dormant the general one is) I have decided to post here; if anyone is seriously upset by this, they can move this to the other forum.

WSC is, as the slogan on the mast-head says, the only half-decent football magazine out there. It was the first independent football magazine in the UK (having more in common with fanzines, which were popular in the 80s) & is now the last one standing & in serious financial trouble. Without some help it will become an online only entity, and a small but significant part of British football culture will be gone for good.

I have been a reader since 1988, a subscriber for over 25 years. Rather than try to describe what it is, its almost easier to say what it isn’t; it isn’t a glossy, advert filled Premier League fixated affair, with those ‘Whose better; Messi or Ronaldo?’ type puff-pieces.’ Instead all clubs are treated with equal importance, with the experience of fans considered more important than anything else . They have refused to take advertising from gambling companies on principle, which has cost them 10’s of thousands of pounds. WSC’s content is quite unlike that of any magazine. The media blah about the latest Mourhino outrage or “big club in crisis” story is coolly dispatched in an editorial or a review of the month’s press. The magazines casts an eye over football globally, yielding sometimes inspirational, sometimes bizarre stories of the way the game is conducted and administered in other parts of the world, as well as examining in sympathetic detail the struggles of lower league clubs. It 's also frequently very funny too, with a sharp sense of the absurdity of the hype around ‘the richest league in the world’.

And now its struggling & they have directly asked readers to help. A subscription of £33.60 would get 12 magazines for the year (or make an interesting and worthwhile Christmas present for any other footie fans in your life).


A cheaper form of help is also available. The new WSC Supporters club has been specifically set up to try & save the magazine, & contributions start at £1.55 a month. It also contains a very honest explanation of the situation, as well as links to the superb WSC website (which will give you a taste of the magazines content & style).


Either of the above would be a wonderful way to help keep a true football fans view alive for future generations. Also, confession time; I’m a Cheltenham Town fan who has hopped onto a lot of League 2 forums in order to raise awareness.

Thanks for listening/reading, its appreciated, & best of luck for the rest season!


Tom Lines from time to time writes some pieces on Walsall, don’t know if he’s ever been on here. I do actually subscribe and it’s a very interesting read, covers leagues and teams the mainstream media rarely bother with.

Would be a shame if it finished on the shelves, that’s the way things will continue to go in next 5-10 years I’m afraid.

Hopefully though the hardcore will keep it going for a bit longer.

I shall be signing up on Friday.

Think he was Bangsection?


Already signed up on the Patreon. Love the magazine, away trips would not be the same without it.

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whilst I like WSC I disagree it’s the “only half decent football magazine out there”.

Simply not true, there are plenty.

Modern times i think is the reason.

What are the others then? I don’t see any others that cover lower league football in the same way…and are available at any whsmiths.

Same, I’ve never liked their boast of being ‘the only half decent football magazine’ when FourFourTwo has always been lightyears ahead.

Maybe or maybe not for lower league news, but then thats not WSCs claim.

Last football magazine I bought was Shoot.


FourFourTwo is just full of premiership nonsense, 6 page interviews with Zlatan and all that.

Shoot or Match as a kid…

FourFourTwos main articles do focus on the bigger Premiership teams, but I like the round ups they have of not just the lower leagues, but other countries leagues. I also like the historical articles and when they pick a random English game (usually a derby) to attend.

Its aimed at a broader, if not different, base to WSC and Id suggest most of that base think its at least ‘half decent’.

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A bit of a storm in a d cup - the strapline on the cover has always been “The Half Decent Football Magazine”.

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To be fair maybe not specifically the lower leagues like you say.

Id recommended Mundial.

FFT isn’t too bad, always a lower league article and action replay but it’s not quite a guarentee like you get in WSC.

Overall I’d say World Soccer is the best one out there although depends if you’re that interested in european football or not.

Anyone remember Scorcher (later amalgamated with Tiger)?

Not a reader myself but The Football League Paper is available in hardcopy as well as digital - no EPL stuff just EFL. Not sure about whether it is available in WH Smiths or other shops (as I don’t read it I’ve never looked) but I have seen it’s sister publication The Non-League Paper on the counter at my local garage and prominently displayed at Wellington Morrisons - though they are both fairly close to the Telford United ground so probably a demand for it from their fans.

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When i have been looking at the football mags i have noticed United. And their fanzine. Liverpool and Chelseas. Wonder how much longer they carry on for.
I buy the non-league paper myself. It is good for £1.50.
Magazines, Newspapers and programmes will just stop being printed soon.

The United and Liverpool magazines have a very healthy uptake in Norway.

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