When was the last match you enjoyed?

When was the last Saddlers match you genuinely enjoyed? Felt proud to be a Saddler? Etc… etc…

… Asking for a friend!!!

Northampton for me fantastic team performance and following, been all downhill from there.


Peterborough Utd at the tail-end of last season. We were looking doomed, they were riding high and looking settled for a tilt at promotion, and for some unknown reason we marmalised them.

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Have to agree god I was so happy that day to get rid of bonser and get our Walsall back and win the game what the hell happened so so sad.

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Enjoyed the FGR game.
Played them off the park, particularly in the 1st half, and worked hard to get something out of the game at the death.
Things still seemed positive then.

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Bradford last season when we all thought Gordon could actually become a professional footballer :disappointed:

All they did was score a penalty that day how are they top??

Northampton, but before that would have to be Preston when we booked our place at Wembley.


They can defend, 10 goals conceded all season

I enjoy almost every game I watch. Always have.

Has it got anything to do with the fact you are watching it in your favorite bar in 24 degrees heat? :joy::wink:

5-0 at Vale. Last time we genuinely played a team off the park.


Always helps I guess :rofl: what I was getting at was how poor this league is when FGR are top and they were crap when we played them off the park at the bescot what’s worrying is there’s quite a gap now to 17th place it already looks like 5 or 6 will get cut adrift which could end up with 3 teams fighting to stay out of that dreaded bottom spot not long into the new year scary stuff :weary:

Not really, but it is pleasant. Seriously though, why wouldn’t I enjoy watching my team play?
I love the fact that I can watch games when I can’t be there in person, but I enjoy more when I can be present, especially away games. If I didn’t then I would do something else.

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I enjoy every game I go to because unlike in days gone by I always have my missus or my son with me, and not having had a week off work since 2006 any day I get to watch Walsall and spend time with them and my mates who I havn’t seen for a bit makes it worthwhile. Having said that if you’re talking football, yet again I was at Blyth today, Cal Roberts about 60 per cent fit, 90 minutes of out and out attack 3rd bottom v 3rd top roughly 8-900 folks screaming approval of 100 percent effort and some superb football, standing ovation at half time at 0-0 and nobody wanted to go home after a 2-0 win that could have been 8-0. My son who is a dyed in the wode Newcastle season ticket holder and a very experienced Walsall watcher said “Dad, I just love coming here”, to which I replied, this is what it used to be like at Fellows Park when I was your age but with a few more fans, and a lot more scrapping.



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Swindon away in 2016 was pretty good, two out of this world goals scored by Ozzy.


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For sheer quality, not sure I have seen us play better than this over the past 3 years:

Utterly imperious.

It seemed we had a shoot on sight policy with some remarkable long range goals from Forde and TinTin.

Not too shabby a time and subs bench was it: