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Where are we from


Born Farnworth Greater Manchester and lived until 9-10 years old in Bolton, not realising I was mixing with the stars. Living on the same estate as Ronnie Irani who was the youngest kid in our gang, and Beverley Isherwood (later Miss England and TV eye candy) whose brother was one of my best mates. My eldest brother’s bessie was Mark Radcliffe!
Got into football watching the 1974 world cup final, then pub teams on the local rec, then got taken to a few Bolton games before moving to Shelfield and immediately started watching the Saddlers mid-to late 70’s. Went to Mob Lane comp. Lived in dingleland for a couple of years where me and Booster Cogburn seemed like the only football fans going the wrong way on the 529 as the Steve Bull heyday coincided with our sickening demise. Moved to Tyneside on a whim in the early 90’s after coming up here to watch a Fall gig, taking in Doncaster away on the way home.


Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, then Derby and now near Belper. Grandparents used to live on Hilary Street during the Fellows park days.


Lived in Pelsall from the age of 0-5 years old
Rotherham 5 - 22
Solihull 22-25
Wolverhampton 25-33
Enniskillen 33-59 (today)

Saddler since the age of 8


Born in Darlaston, moved to near Arboretum after 9 months, then 9 months later on Broadway near Fullbrook. 3 years of uni in Bradford then North Herts for the last 33 years. Generally make 15-16 games a season home and away.


Seems like I’m the only Sandwell born Saddler so far


Walsall, S Wales for Poly, with a few summers doing a bit of seasonal work at various resorts. Than Hants/ Surrey, before Shrops. Lived here now for longer than I did Walsall.


I bet yow sound funny do ya?


I was born in Foot Hills of Mount Kilimanjaro, I was found in a Tesco carrier bag by a Tsonga tribe hunting expedition…I was saved from the pot by their chief Tzaki kabanura who luckily was a Walsall season ticket holder,another stroke of luck was that he had a holiday home in the Birchills….:grin:


I’m always surpised to hear how much of the original accent is stiil there!


Often wondered what had become of you.


Daddy…is that you???:open_mouth:


We used to go to Sandwell Park as my mother had relatives in West Bromwich. Was there a pitch and putt there?


I’m sure there was, actually may still be there.

I never lived in West Brom, I was just born at the Sandwell hospital, think my parents were living in Wednesbury but moved to Walsall not long after.


I used to work for Sandwell Council!


It’s a trek and so much easier when I lived in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Always amusing when I see the Man Utd fan coaches south of Keele services heading north towards Old Trafford though


Born in Dudley amongst Wolves and West Brom fans but have been living in the centre of Brum for the past 7 years. Season ticket holder for over 20 years and home games normally mean a train to the parents in Coseley in the morning and then a bus to the Black Country Arms in Walsall before the match.


Being Born in Streetly people found it hard to understand why I was a Saddler when it was almost the same distance to fellows park as Villa Park and the Hawthorns not much further


Born in Lichfield but moved to Bloxwich when I was 6 and grew up there.

Have lived the last 15 years on the Streetly Walsall border and its all baggies and villa with the odd saddler and blue nose.

Non of them dirty dingles round here though :+1:


Even Walsall have fans from other parts of the country…just that Man utd have a lot more.


I don’t think the majority of man utd fans on those coaches will have much connection with Manchester other than through the tv. Don’t think that is ever likely to happen to us!