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Where are we from


Born in Aldridge, moved to Wales as a 10 year old, still made it up to home games on the train, left Wales when I was 22, moved to Great Barr which is a big Villa area and now live in Pelsall. Dad and a few uncles are/were Birmingham City fans, my brother and a few other uncles are Villa fans. Then there’s me, despite my brother buying me all the Villa kits as a kid, I ended up a Walsall fan.


As long as Man utd fill their 75,000 seats every week I don’t suppose they care where they come from Hull.


Small world pheasey saddlers you could be right .us walsall fans are more loyal than villa fans we have to be though😉


Born in Walsall, lived in Pelsall, and globetrotted since - Walsall, Leamore, Stafford, Hednesford, Rugeley - not particularly in that order!


We come from Walsall, jolly good show.

If you remember that you’re part of a very old clique. I’d be amazed if any UTSer could reference this.


Born and bred on the Pheasey until moving to Sutton Road nearly 14 years ago. My son attended Barr Beacon 91-98 and still hates the Villa with a passion, mainly due to the ribbing he got from his mates for wearing his Walsall shirt.
Still attending as season ticket holders along with 8 year old grandson who didn’t really have any other choice!


From Oldbury. Season ticket holder and go to 99% of the away games.


Full story for me is born in Wednesbury, lived in Wales, Germany, United States, Sussex, Norway and now in Wylde Green.


Sandwell born, lived in Wednesbury most of my life, save for a short stint as a child in West Bromwich and then Uni in South Birmingham followed by a year in Great Barr. Moved back to Wednesbury aged 22, and still here 15 years later. Most of my mates are Baggies which is fine as they are about the nearest thing we can get to fans who are like us.


Remembering your photo from your previous avatar, it’s hard to believe that I’m 3 days older than yow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Walsall born, lived a short walk from Fellows Park then Bescot, flirted with supporting the dingles when Steve Bull was banging them in in the old third/fourth division, but soon came to my senses and been a Saddler ever since. Now living in Pelsall.


born in leamore lived in the bloxwich area all my life followed the saddlers since i was 6 years old around 84/85.


Can’t believe you just said that …:joy:


Sutton Coldfield.

Nice to see more of us on here. Often get strange looks around sutton when wearing a walsall hat or a scalf.


I think many people think you’re wearing an Arsenal Scarf


Born in Walsall… now live in Dubai!


Mmmm bet thats a bit of a bugger getting to all the home games …:rofl:


Tbh you would get those strange looks anywhere if that’s ALL you had on. :joy::wink:


Picked up a nasty stutter i see on holiday chunky …:rofl:


Born and grew up in Walsall, then moved to Durham, Copenhagen, Aberdeen, Netherlands, London and now Norway!