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Where are we from


And it was suggested I’d have a strange accent.:zipper_mouth_face:


Willenhall, Sheffield, Willenhall, Bristol, Willenhall, Sheffield, Willenhall, India, Indonesia, Willenhall

Was unaffiliated until my big brother discovered football via Walsall FC and converted the entire family into Saddlers


Blakenall, Bloxwich, Pelsall, Norton Canes then moved to Northwich 4 years ago. Don’t drive so can’t get to games anymore but had a season ticket for years when I lived local. Now have to listen to ifollow.


Born and bred in Gloucester, then lived five years in Worcester. Moved to Walsall in 1986 and lived there till 2004 when we moved out to Longdon, near Lichfield.


Born in Birmingham, but my uncle was the groundsman at Fellows Park in the 1970s when I was a kid so I’ve always had an affinity for the Saddlers. Moved to New Invention mid 1980’s and been a full-on Walsall fan ever since. Lived in Bloxwich for the last 20 years.


Born and brought up in Birmingham, my old man had a stall on Walsall Market which is how I came to be a Saddler, moved to Willenhall, Stevenage, Yokohama, Toulouse, back to Walsall on the Mellish rd, Darmstadt, Letchworth and wound up at St Neots.


■■■■ me mate , you got a caravan …:rofl:


You really ought to be called Boomerang you know …:rofl:


That would make my life easier…


Walsall born & bred. Went to the most the games from mid 80s up until we sold fox and dann . Then caught the bug again when deano took over last season . Now take the wife and 4 kids to all home games.




Yeah mate. But gota spend that oil money somehow mate…


Born on the Yew Tree and still live there - though about 50 yards closer to Walsall.


UK born & bred, first saddlers game when I was 7. Lived many years outside UK and now attempt to go to a game whenever I visit the UK depending on where I am. I live currently amongst the cheeseheads (I don’t eat the horrible hormone overloaded, pus filled mammalian body fluid).


Neither do i unless i have got biscuits grapes and a glass of wine with it :yum:


Eh, why not. I live in Poland, that’s medium country in central Europe. I’ve never been in England (and probably I’ll never be, cause some health issues, but I don’t wanna talk about it), I don’t have family, or friends or other relatives there too. So far I think I’m the only person in Poland, who knows there is such club. Maybe there are some people from my country in Bham area (work, maybe uni), but probably they follow bigger clubs, if any. But why Walsall FC? From one computer game, since 1999. And I feel so young here, few years and I’ll be 40. It looks like junior age :wink:


I’m 22 …


Born in Erdington, lived there for 22 years then moved to my spiritual home and back to the family roots of Wednesbury and set up camp for the next generation of Walsall fans.


So how did you manage to become a Walsall fan in Villa land?


Born at Manor. 1st 6 months of life lived in the Pleck then in '67 parents moved to Pelsall. Been around the Walsall area all my life apart from approx 4yrs in Tamworth. Now live on/in the Rushall Aldridge border. Hoping for happier end to the season, but come what may I’ll be here next season, if it’s in your blood, it’s in your blood!