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My parents had no allegiances, dad went to villa with an ex girlfriend but that’s as far as it went.

I went to a couple of villa games with my dad which were seen as a ‘treat’ admittedly it was impressive being in that stadium as a youngster and hearing the rolling thunder (to an impressionable child) of the seats banging when fans stood up when ever villa attacked. thing I loved most was just being there with my dad sharing a burger at half time.

As I said before my family all come from wednesbury and it was only my dad who moved away to Birmingham where he met my mom. so I used to spend a lot of time at my nans in wednesbury. The magic happened when my aunts chap at the time was nice enough to ask if I wanted to come with him to Walsall save me being stuck in the house, It was instantly different, at the villa I was always in the side stand in a real family friendly environment, Walking into the ground via the gilbert alsP stand to be so close to the pitch was a new experience. Then being stood on steps leaning up crush barriers amongst the men who stunk of fags and booze was at the time radical.

Before going to Walsall I had no concept that football was played in competitive leagues, just took it more as an event. hearing Walsall fans singing we are top of the league changed all that. I think I first went during the 2000/2001 promotion season, remember tom Bennett being my first captain.

It was hard literally being the only Walsall fan at my secondary school in Erdington used to get the ■■■■ ripped out of me. villa were a really good team back then pushing at the top of the premier league and cup finals.

I remember the first time we played them in a pre season friendly at home, we done them 3-0 I was on holiday in the Dominican and my dad told me the score and I was so chuffed. I went back to school at the start of the new school year and gave them all a round of ■■■■■. we actually did them twice on the bounce in pre season games.

I probably owe my passion and love for the club not wavering to the junior saddlers, I was a football fanatic as a kid, I just lived and breathed football and beaing able to be dropped off to play football (initially at joseph leckie) on the astro turf by my new found mecca for a coupe of hours was quality. I used to love seeing the pre matchh build up take place whilst playing football with away team fans arriving and watching us for a bit before going to the ground. if there was ever a period in my life I could go back to it would be that, playing football care free and watching us in the championship. HEAVEN


I’m exactly the same mate. Loved playing with the Junior Saddlers. Wasn’t it like £2 to train then £3 for a match ticket? (or vice versa)

My mates mom used to work with the catering team so used to bring us free burgers and chips (Chips in the family stand!! What a time to be alive!). Loved it.


If Bonser knew free burgers and chips were being handed out :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


They still do this. £4 per child at the sessions and then £8 adults and £3 children.


That’s at least 1 positive. That was huge getting me into supporting Walsall (Although I really had to considering I lived on Wallows lane until I was 8)


ive seen you behind the bars in featherstone, ive heard you get day release for matchdays


There’s an estimated invoice on its way right now!


They do, my lad used to do it every Saturday. They don’t advertise the cheaper tickets very well, normally have to ask. Had many times when other people had to ask about the cheaper tickets because they overheard me asking for them


Yeah exactly. Just seems that we will take whatever we can get!


That’s another opportunity they are messing up then . All good doing the sessions and giving tickets for 8 and 3 quid but if you don’t advertise this what’s the point :see_no_evil:kids of the future and they can’t be arsed :grimacing::grimacing:


Fair play Michal the polish walsall fan :+1:t2:


You are the one and only :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Probably, but please, don’t ask me why. I still don’t know it. Really, I don’t know. There were many other teams, but somehow WFC took small place in my heart. Next to Premier League :wink:


Lots of polish people in Walsall now .


A Polish blog about Walsall? How fantastic from Michal who knows about us solely through playing Fifa.


Born in the Manor, live on the Yew Tree, still drive the 3 minutes to the ground instead of walk cuz arm propa’ layzy.


Born in Tipton. Lived in Leeds, Preston and London after leaving school before moving to Australia in 2001 - first Sydney, then Alice Springs, then Sydney again and now Perth, where I work in horse racing.


I can still see your connection though , and I suppose we are all doing a similar job as you …

… only we’re flogging a dead horse… :rofl:


Any tips for today mate .?


Playing Championship Manager 3. That was good game then, many hours I lost playing it. Later fortunately I got Internet and found forum (around 2005 I think, later my blog was found by one of you, maybe Pedagogue, I don’t remember details). But I remember this squad link or how good was that season link.