Where do we go from here?

Without coming across as being far too pessimistic and down beat - given the reality of our situation (very well covered by multiple posts on here…) what sort of future do we anticipate for our club?

Seems to me we are well and truly in limbo with a lack of investment options, a deteriorating fan base, a frustrated team manager, a squad built from poor quality rejects from other clubs and a new owner who despite his undoubted best intentions seems unable to inject new funding into the club and to make matters worse, seems completely hamstrung by the remnants of the previous owners financial shackles…

Hard to see anything to be optimistic about but I’m hoping someone can spin some positives out of it somehow…

I think the club is at a crossroads it’s either going to fizzle out or something got to happen to kick start it, at the moment it feels like we are rock bottom. I am not so worried about the football at the moment I think that can pick up again but it’s the whole match day experience at the moment its horrible, depressing and no fun.
To be fair I have never really liked Bescot as a ground but now it just looks and feels really run down.
I felt really good at the start of the season with the new ownership but everything seems to have gone backwards, I really hope that pomlett sorts it out and he knows something we dont about investment and moving the club forward but at the moment I have not seen anything to give me any encouragement but i really hope i am wrong

Its time to forget evolution and embrace revolution. There is literally nothing edifying, or constructive about trying to engage with the sham of a football club that Bonser has left us with, that still numbers the likes of Gilman and Gamble on the board while the new owner/chairman pines for 5k gates on a national League budget in a ground that can’t reasonably supply any of the few ramaining fans with a timely nerve dimming pint ahead of the next shambles of a home game, and a half-time pee that Fellows Park was better equipped to facilitate.


Do you think it would help if we changed the “running out” music Tone ?


I agree, but I wonder if Pomlett thinks we can’t afford it. How much would it cost to pay off Gamble and Mole? But I think he’ll reach a point when he realises he can’t afford not to embrace revolution. It’s just when that will be.

I think it’s important to remember that it’s still very early days and getting out of the mess Bonser put us in was never going to be a quick fix. It was always going to have to get worse before it could start to get better.

Right now we just need to get better on the pitch. It seems all the positive momentum and feel-good factor generated by the takeover is as good as spent. That’s because we haven’t just been bad, we’ve been utter turgid dross. 11 goals in 16 games for ■■■■’s sake and three of those came in one game. That all comes down to Clarke I’m afraid. He needs to start living up to the pre-season hype and fast. If we could just be average and mildly entertaining to watch it would make things seem a lot better.

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With hindsight ,yes. But I’m not sure it was always seen this way.Most of us, me included, didn’t see it that way in July.I’m not sure even Pomlett realised what he had let himself in for.

I agree totally with what you say about the football side of things, but I’m not sure things had to get worse than they were. Its not as though Pomlett is some outsider who’s bought the club only to discover afterwards that Bonser’s done him over and he’s bought a pup. He’s been at the club for years and therefore is intricately aware of all the problems we have from the bogs to the freehold, and you would have thought, would have come in with at least some sort of plan to get things off on a decent footing knowing that there was a lot of good will abounding and it was crucial (if 5k crowds are really that important) to make sure that momentum was largely maintained and built upon. It seems to me that the only strategy was to appoint Clark and hope for the best, pretty similar to what Bonser has been doing for years. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s what I’m seeing at the moment, and January looks a long way off - even if January is to be of any significance in sorting this mess out.


Wouldn’t cost a penny to remove them if he truly wanted,
Neithier have put cash into club, and neithier are owed director loans,both are salaried directors, as is Whaley ,
Gilman. Tidsdale and bond are the only ones to have put a financial investment into club, and we all know why gilman did, even tho it was years ago and he serves no purpose whatsoever

The real reason why you won’t see any leave, and even tho many don’t want to admit it is bonser won’t let them, One or two are being rewarded handsomely for there continued silence And at the risk of being ridiculed bonser has pulled of the biggest illusion of his reign, The only change what has happened as been one of no change whatsoever, Pomlett can have what ever piece of paper he wants, that only makes him the registered keeper, in law ,
Reality is a totally different kettle of fish

I’m very underwhelmed to be honest.
I too got sucked into the optimism and got a season ticket, he talked a good game and felt like he was going to really improve things but as others have mentioned nothing has really changed.
He is supposed to be a top business man but the things like the half time pizza and goal challenge we’re copied off Northampton. Had Leyton Orient not had tickets for £5 I very much doubt we would have. Then he announced these things like look at us look at how radical and out the box our thinking is!!

I hope we somehow stabilize and stay in league, when we were struggling under Whitney and looked like being relegated I posted that I thought if we went down we would drop straight out into non league like other clubs. The replies that I got suggested I was more of a doom and gloom merchant than Ancient but unless we " Gel " soon it could happen.

He’d still have to pay them off. Would Gamble in particular be earning any less than Clarke?

Why would he if failing at there job which they inevitably have. They could just be removed , But what you must remember is they are going no where. Steph has been on bonser payroll way before he became ceo of Walsall football club and has looked after bonser financial affairs for years, Dan mole is his mini me, and has been moulded by bonser , gilman was his partner in crime from the fellows park carve up, and Whaley will be paid to keep silent for ever and a day, so the real culprits are as safe as houses, as said. Pomlett has no say anyone who believes otherwise. Are in for a bitter disappointment, Here’s a starter for ten Whaley will be at club for as long as big motorway sign is standing or his demise whichever comes first , you would be amazed at the web that has been weaved up there

Are you saying they don’t have contracts? Either they’d have to be paid off, or Pomlett would have to risk being embroiled in potentially years of unfair dismissal cases. He might ,in the end, have to get rid, but it won’t be without cost.

Again if you was an abject failure at your job , do you think you couldn’t be removed, And would be entitled to compensation

But the point is. As much as any of us think they have failed, which to us fans they most certainly have The man with all the power would see them as doing a grand job, and are delivering everything he demands from them, and are the perfect employees, Don’t be fooled into thinking Pomlett has the power , The most powerful man associated with club has gone no where

Until you produce proof, your second paragraph is just surmise. Your first ignores employment law.

Respect your opinion mate , but. Mine differs , nothing wrong with eithier holding different views,

What I would say I suppose I assumed eighteen months ago what his plan was, and. It’s now in full swing Again I assumed we would f be relegated. At start of last season, again look what happened,
I assume many things mate , but one of Pomlett having the final say in anything to do with Walsall football club isn’t one of them. Reason being. He doesn’t , and that’s a fact not an assumption

In which case, where’s the evidence? Not saying you’re necessarily wrong, but at the moment, that’s opinion, not fact. And ,whatever, Gamble and Mole would still have the same employment rights as any other contracted employee does.

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Agree but. Do you believe that if. You went to work every day, proved to be incompetent, where not doing what you are paid to do , do you think you would have the right to bring an unfair dismissal case despite a weight of evidence , backing up you where the architect of your own downfall , you could bring it but you certainly wouldn’t win it

But I keep reiterating it’s only us fans who think they are failing , there paymaster thinks they are doing a grand job, otherwise as said they would be filling there. Constructive dismissal claims

Some are kept to maintain there silence , whilst others will never be removed. , well not until our saviour has severed all ties anyhow

How would that be proved, outside of a court case? They would still have the right to bring an unfair dismissal case, which could drag on for years .
Again,you might be right that Bonser’s cold dead hand is still on the tiller, but, from what you’ve said ,that’s currently just an opinion.