Where do you think we will finish now?

I’m the eternal optimist - I think the side will start to gel in the next month and a good signing or two in January will help us finish top half. No science, just dumb hope and I’ve promised God I’ll stop playing with my todger. Where are we going to finish?

I’ve spent most of this season convincing others (and myself) that things will gel and we’ll be fine.

Gotta admit I’ve given up with that self-delusion. We’ve cobbled together the worst squad of players in living memory, tinkered with lineups and formations, ruined their confidence with public shaming and talking them down in the media and then promised to offload them from 1st January. And some people are betting on our survival on the next batch of misfits coming in being better than this lot? Fair enough, I can’t see it though.

We might just escape the drop, but I ain’t putting much money on it!

I would think mid table hopefully.

I’m still shooting for the stars and saying 20th.

Crazy, stupid optimist I am.


This league is so poor if we could pick a settled team and get somebody to finish anything is possible. On that basis I will outbid P.T and for 19th.

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I’m going to make a very rash prediction. 3rd.

The rot will soon end and we’ll go on an amazing Barnsley-esque run and smash it.

I’m not a gambler but you can get 45/1 on us getting promotion :grinning:


DC has four promotions on his CV, however three of those were in non-league football and only one in league football. He also has one relegation on his CV and unfortunately that was also in league football. So disregarding his record in non-league which has no relevance to his capabilities of managing us in L2, his record in L2 is one promotion and one relegation. Jury very much out on what he will achieve, but any future thoughts of success arn’t based on the substantial reservoir that he claims to have built in his career whilst conveniently neglecting to mention that he took a club out of the league, arguably one bigger than us. I acually like DC and very much want him to succeed, but he won’t unless he changes his mindset and approach and I don’t see him doing that, so right now I think we will get relegated.

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If we finish third SG I will buy you a beer at each home game the following season.


Start saving your pennies up!! :wink:

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If that happens i promise to get you into a drugs rehabilitation unit :grin:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I can’t even blame that for this crazy prediction. Not even had a beer tonight.

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My prediction is we will end up in a relegation battle with Stevenage and Morecambe, and we will just make it over the line on the last day, so at least we will have something to get excited about.

If Clarke remains stubborn to his ‘methods’ and the injuries don’t improve: 23rd.

If Clarke decides on a style of play, settled XI and injuries improve: 12th.

This league is not difficult.

It depends. When we are at the moment, when most fan base want him to go, things should improve. Even drastically I can say, because it’s very average, to put it mildly, league. But if this time his methods won’t work, I hope it will be last safe spot.

I said lower mid table at the beginning of the season & dont yet see the reason to change that prediction.

But can see us just as easily ending up in a playoff/relegation battle. Settled team, tactics, confidence & a striker make all the difference.

If we get promoted to the premier league in the next 3 seasons I promise I’ll stop
Playing with my todger too…

Mid table for me


15th. I base that on nothing but blind faith and hope.

12th, a positive 2nd half after players returning from injury an a reshuffle in January.