Where will it end

There is nothing being built here whatsoever. In any way shape or form

You can’t build for the future when as a club you are constantly. reliant on loans , and year in year out a complete rebuild is required in order to achieve the seasons main aim which. Sadly is nothing more than survival
Anyone who thinks they aim any higher as a club or should I say board is delusional

The Walsall fc. Operating philosophy. Is akin to building your house on sand. And. Insisting on Using sub. standard materials to. Boot.

It Might look good for a short while . But in reality you are just waiting to see it unravel and fall apart

About time the owner spent less time in the make up department. Getting touched up for another video shoot. , when what he should be doing is underpinning. The rotting. foundations. Before the lot comes tumbling down , because. It’s appears it’s no longer an if. But more of a When. That when it does happen. This beloved club of our will never. Come back

Key areas of the club at boardroom level are being overseen. By people who. In. Any other Source of. Employment would be viewed as totally incompotent. At the very least , yet they appear fit our business model perfectly and. Seem to have jobs for life When will this. Practice. Of same old same old. Rinse and repeat. Rubbish ever end , it’s about time the back. Patting in house sessions. Of. WE ARE A WELL RUN. CLUB. ended. And they start doing what is expected of them as guardians of our. Club

The appointment of Fullerton is rapidly proving. To be another. Board room cock up. Nothing wrong with having a director of football. But in doing so choose. One who at least appears to know what he’s doing. Because at the min. He’s repeating. What saw him bombed out of. Halifax And notts county. Hardly has. A brilliant cv does he But The one he does. have Is littered with failure. In relation to his previous management roles held.

But again. He will, suit our level of ambition and I guess he will remain in place. For the expertise he brings to the club Ie. In finding. Second rate. Unwanted anywhere else footballers. And selling them. The dream That walsallfc is the place to be

As for Matt Taylor I truly believe. That he will become a good manager but I highly. Doubt. It will be at Walsall. , because at the end of the day the hierarchy of this club won’t. Allow him to and he will become just another victim , to a business. That,s only aim is to first and foremost furnish a rent cheque to the best supporter the club as ever seen. , then scrape survival.

And that is a business. Model that is doomed to failure. And as we can all see. The day it does fail. Is fast approaching. As for. Building on proper foundations. It.s my opinion those. Sat at the top at Walsall fc would struggle to construct a Wendy house


I agree about Taylor, he’s calm, methodical and knows his stuff… but unfortunately this is not the club for him.


The appointment of a DoF is something I argued for at the time. It is far too early to judge whether Fullarton is the right man. At the fans evening I was impressed by him so lets see what happens in January and more importantly in the Summer. We have a number decent players on 2 year deals.The recruitment in the Summer will see more players with 2 year deals signing. That will be the key to whether we can launch a genuine promotion bid next year. This season could go either way yet not because we a good but because very few are any better.


Why is it to early?? I can’t buy that.

Which one? Heard this three years on the trot now.

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Well we disagree then.LP made it clear that this was a long term job turning round the the whole football structure of the club.That cannot be done in a few months.


The last one.It was the first time any of us had seen Fullarton.


Wise words. We appoint a director of football to carry out a full overhaul of the football side of the club, a complete roots and branches review in order to put in place good longer term strategies…and the fans want him kicked out after 6 months because it hasn’t worked!!!


So you can judge him then . Grand!

I reckon we should have one of those club motos, like To Dare is to Do or Mes Que Un Club:

“Walsall FC - See What Happens in the Summer”

No one wants him kicked out , but you’ve got to ask major questions why a DOF allowed us to start the season without a striker and also recruited half of this shower.


Nail on the head.

The idea we were giving it a good go, was this season. We haven’t.


No …I was impressed by him but I will judge him on performance over time as I used to do when I appointed staff. I spent a good deal of my professional life appointing people and monitoring their performance against the objectives of their roles. In Fullarton’s case I suggest that we will know how successful he has been or not after a couple of seasons.


How do you know who recruited each player? In a cosy little world, of course we can say that Fullarton brought in every player, with no consultation, and then handed them to Taylor and said “do something with this lot”. In the real world, recruitment will have been a collaboration between fullarton, Taylor and MacDonald, with Gamble no doubt involved on the finance side. Praise and blame don’t fall on one person, however much some wish to demonise them

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“Judge him on the last summer” - “No” :man_shrugging:

He’s made his decisions, he can be judged on them. End of story.

I don’t agree. End of conversation.

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Well if he allowed those around him to sign a load of crap then again he’s not going exactly proven his worth.

This club can not wait on a long term plan, it is sinking right in front of our eyes… we need action now!

With what, they are both your statements :joy: Judging people on their own decisions isn’t a subjective agree or not thing, sorry.

You’ve been disagreeing with me since you were slating me for not predicting play offs preseason so I’m comfortable with that. Now I’m being unfair for expecting more than we are getting. Couldn’t make it up :man_shrugging:

Exactly! Whoever made the signature, Fullarton’s role is over seeing ALL recruitment.

Quite frankly, if he wasn’t rubber stamping every signing then he’s not doing his job anyway!

Pomlett himself has set the benchmark of “giving it a real go this season,”. Using that measure the coaching,/managing side of the business are failing now, not in 2 seasons time.

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Spot on DH well said mate, be careful our dinosaurs in the boardroom won’t take kindly to your comments and you may find yourself excluded to the naughty corner in the car park alongside our postie.