Where will it end

I’d rather be unpopular mate and. Let them. Hear some harsh truths. , than sit there. Happy clapping as we sink. Ever closer to the unthinkable happening

I’ll praise them. When it’s. Due. Which I have done. Many times.
But I’ll equally voice both my own. And. The concerns of many fans who are contacting us Wether they like it or not


Pomlett will take us down to Non League. Conference and then possibly even further. Conference North or South. Not sure which one we would fit into.

Said it the moment he took over and I’ve seen nothing to change my mind


Agree @Gensanx123

I’m sure I’ve said as much for a long time, more so as things went south with Clarke and then Dutton

I was concerned about so many aspects of our club stunk of non league amateurism … most of all the playing and recruitment side of things

Either L2 runs out of crack pot clubs in a mess who’ll always go down and be worse than us … or we become that crack pot club in a mess.

One or the other happens sadly

Sadly I see no future for us as a Football League club, not for many of the reasons raised here and elsewhere, but for simple economic reasons beyond our control. We will not be the only club affected either. It’s simply that football finance changed almost overnight with the creation of the Greed League. The average squad member in the Premier League is paid around £50k a week it seems. That’s £500k per 10 players, £1,000,000 per 20 and so on. To finance that they must selfishly persue an ever increasing share of available funding or find a friendly shiek or oligarch. What is left is spread ever more thinly amongst we also rans. What was our turnover in the last prepandemic season? £5,000,000? That’s Chelsea’s weekly player wage bill? Money, or rather lack of it, will be our downfall and is far beyond the ability of our owner or many others to rectify. All the little issues raised by others are merely a symptom of the whole I think. Just an opinion of course, no doubt many will disagree strongly, but time will tell…


I think after the Dutton situation it’s almost not quite but almost impossible for Walsall fc to get relegated out of league 2 we will never go bankrupt or go into administration and we’ll never have to pull the budget to stop those situations happening whereas other club’s will . The only way we could get relegated is if JB increased the rent by say 25% we can just about compete as we are if he did that we could become a Chesterfield, Wrexham, Southend etc

I agree but there is a little hope in the plan to have a Football Regulator who will be there to try and safeguard our National game. The squeals of anguish from some Premiership Chairmen show that they fear the proposed legislation.I hope all supporters of lower and non league clubs will get behind the proposition and put pressure on their MPs to support the proposal.


The role of a DOF is to identify the needs of the team and go recruit said needs, WE AINT HAD CENTRE FORWARD SINCE JANUARY OF OUR OWN and the ONE we have is on loan, enough said.


As for the board i have many misgivings of their roles and how competent they are, given their past performances they ain’t that competent given the crap the fans have had to put up with over the years, should of been gone years ago.

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Ahh, but maybe we’ve taken his words out of context, maybe it was giving it a real go at not getting relegated? At which we are currently being successful.

I attended my first game in 1977. A 2 nil win against Halifax Town. This is the worst period I’ve ever experienced. Far far worst than the Hibbitt era. Awful players, awful entertainment and basically without any hope of progress. Prepared to be shot down in flames but Pomlett only shows what a good job Bonser did

AFC Leamington

Think it’s more Pomlett is showing how much Bonser destroyed us, bearing in mind Pomlett was on the board for a good chunk of that.

I’ll give you credit for that. Miserable, downbeat fecka that you are, you have been consistent on Pomlett from day one.

I was optimistic at first but as time goes on I’m leaning more towards your take on things.


I think most fans were just glad at the time Bonser hade ‘gone’. This was clearly shown with the atmosphere at Northampton the first game of the season. Absolutely buzzing it was, the dawn of a new era.

Sadly Bonser hasn’t gone. Not saying he is still involved as such but he is still taking his £££.

I do feel Pomlett comes with good intentions but sadly lacks the money to make a difference and as time goes on it becomes more apparent he lacks the know how to change things for the better.


I thought you were an intelligent bloke :wink:

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Ha ha. Cheers for that. Nice one. I’m not always miserable by the way. Beat wishes

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Bonser had a well oiled commercial machine pulling in millions. Something slowly and surely being dismantled by the people running the club who don’t possess the same business axument he did.

I’m leaning towards agreeing with your final sentence too (that will never do!).
It’s not Pomlett’s fault, he ain’t no EFL chairman, he hasn’t got the guts to carry out the cull’s that would ease our current hopeless situation.
Walsall F.C. (or should I say Bescot enterprises, that is irritated by a football match every two weeks) has been run by the same hopeless set of individuals, Pomlett being one, for years, (when I realised that Whalley was still on our board of directors I almost vomited). unless that changes we are stuck with a gradual decline into the oblivion of non league, with our board still spouting that “We are a well run club” letting us plebs see a redacted Balance sheet showing that we have made a profit of £9.
If we want successful football at the Bescot the Board (that recruited the useless Fullarton, after we were all warned that he was a failure wherever he had been) there has to be a major revamp, indeed a revolution. Regrettably we fans will never get together to force change as most of us are too busy fighting amongst ourselves, constantly.

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Bonser had a well oiled commercial machine before most others did, but most others then caught up.

… in tears.