Where will Keates be tomorrow?

So a free Saturday for us all, but if you were Dean Keates where would you spend it?

At Barnsley perhaps, scouting how our next opponents Rochdale set up away from home?

Somewhere like Kidderminster or Nuneaton looking at local non-league talent?

Scouting some specific players he’s had positive reports on, or those known to be available on loan shortly?

Maybe even having a go fixing the stadium’s dodgy plumbing?

Or away from it all relaxing and recharging a bit?

Up uncle Jeffs backside trying to get that bit more dosh to sign a decent player before the window closes :rofl:

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B&Q … according to his missus

Out demonstrating about Brexit.

I suppose he,and his team of coaches, will split up,and go to various non league games, looking for that elusive world class striker that no one else has spotted yet,and is prepared to take a drop in wages so JB and his family of robbing bar stewards can enjoy the good life in Cyprus.

Down Yates with Wracky and Jimmy

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Playing twister in the Bonser suite with Kieron’s mom


I keep reading that as Kian’s mom. Old UTSers will know…