Which Away Ground Have You Been To The Most

Just been thinking about the old grounds of the past and how many times I have been as I used to right it all down in a folder to keep track off lol . I used to love going to Saltergate chesterfield been there 15 times over the years used to love the open terrace there . Gay meadow as well about 14 times the atmosphere was great under the low roof banging on the old metal stand lol. Halifax The Shay never forget that place great old ground to go to and doncasters old ground Belle vue . Great times over the years to many to mention Whats your best ground.


Too many to mention lol but preston always was a favourite of mine .

Been on all 4 sides as a saddler there . Plastic pitch behind the goal was first

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Does Aberdeen count? Spent a few years there and had a season ticket so that’s probably the answer for me.

I use https://www.footballgroundmap.com/ to keep track (although I am a bit obsessed).

Shrewsbury would be the one I’ve seen Walsall the most. Port Vale second.
Wolves I’ve been to a lot but only a handful to see the Saddlers, ditto with Albion.
Trying to think of away grounds where I’m in double figures - Millwall, Preston, Wigan counting both grounds. Wrexham a fair bit as well and never had a lot of luck there, I think I’ve seen one win and lots of defeats. Tranmere I seem to have been to quite a lot. We played Sjoke a lot within a few years, have to count what my total would be.

I have a poor record at Oxford, 6-3, 4-2, 3-2, and 2-0 or it might have been 2-1.

I don’t really have a favourite ground, I pretty much hate everyone and everything except WFC.

From my years when I lived in Manchester, I would say Oldham, Bury, Rochdale and Tranmere are the ones I have been most to see the Saddlers. Not sure how great the record is in any of them. Other ones I have been to a number of times after that would be Carlisle, Crewe, Port Vale, Bolton, and Bradford on a 2 or 3 occasions.

Getting to less games now as life and commitments have changed but I’ll still get a few of the aways this season. Did Crewe and will be at Carlisle plus Bradford near the end of the season at least.

Using the Groundhopper (now Futbology) App, my second most visted stadium after The Banks’s is Molineux - 13 or 15 times.

Molyneux twice, as I live in Wolverhampton. Back in the day I officiated at Stoke and Port Vale when they played Walsall in the Midland Intermediate League, do they count?

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Millmoor for me. Most visited and most wins seen, including my first ever away win after many draws and defeats.

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Think mine might be Blackpool.

Peterborough for me. Living in North Herts for past 34 years so easy to get to. Only seen us lose there twice. Loved the old away end - only needed 200 to make a lot of noise. Best game was beating them in the cup with Man Utd in next round. Sixfields, MK, Luton, Watford (not all Walsall matches) high up the list too as closer to home than FP or Banks’s

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Shrewsbury (both grounds)

Mansfield, Crewe, Bury or Swindon.

Isn’t Gillingham our most played opponent over the years? Been there a few times … wouldn’t say it’s my favourite though (how many years they had those “temporary” seats in there now?)

Just had a check - of the other 91 teams currently in the top 4 divisions, seen us away at 85 of them but 5 have moved grounds since I went (and we haven’t played them since) so that leaves me 11 “new” grounds left to do in total - 2 I’ll tick off this season (Salford & FGR).

To make up for that though, 17 others I’ve visited have since dropped through the trap door into non-league, and quite a number of teams I have seen us play at multiple grounds over the years (4 for Coventry alone). Plus all the non-league places we’ve been had to go to watch them (at least 30) - and don’t forget the Millennium Stadium or Wembley.

So I’m not a member of the 92 Club, but I have been to way more than 92 grounds to watch us play!

Worcester City’s old ground if we’re going by number of visits.

Then by watching Walsall play away think I’m level pegging between Northampton’s new, Shrewsbury’s old and Carlisle United.

Think it would be Crewe for me. Must be eleven or twelve times. Very mixed fortunes.

Preston must be next with nine or ten. I too have seen us on all four sides of Deepdale.

Millmoor - played five won five including a cup quarter final.

Must have done Wigan ten times, equally split between the two grounds. Never seen us win there even when we were good and they were rubbish we conspired not to win.

Been to St Andrews loads of times (must be around 60) seen us there six or seven times. Been an away fan on three sides. Saw us win once - Charlie Ntmark with a late winner in the Freight Rover…

Vale. A mixed bag but I think we’ve had the edge. I reckon I’ve seen us there eight or nine times and only one defeat springs to mind (a horrible 4-1 under Coakley).

Pretty good record at Donny. I reckon I’m played 8 won 6 between their two grounds.

All the ones in the North-West. On top of that i sometimes go and watch them Clubs against other teams. Especially Bolton.

Bescot for me.

Never classed it as home.

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  • Shrewsbury - 8 times including one trip to Gay Meadow
  • Vale Park - 7 times.
  • Meadow Lane - 5 including the promotion winning day when we filled their ‘kop’ behind the goal.
  • Crewe - 5
  • Blackpool - 4.

There’s loads of grounds I’ve done 3+ times like Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Tranmere, Bolton, Scunthorpe, Preston, Rotherham, Coventry, Doncaster etc. A lot more once or twice.

I seem to favour a northern away day. :laughing: Although in the last 8 years I’ve lived in Stoke and Manchester so I guess it figures.

Speaking of which, looking forward to ticking off Salford on the new grounds list in January. And I can get a 5 minute taxi from my flat :grin:

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Ashton Gate or Selhurst Park for me.

Kitkat crescent,Bargain Booze Stadium,D1cks sporting goods park,Middelfart stadium but my favourite was the Wankdorf stadium or was that in that stadium?:thinking:

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