Which manager would you have?

If I’ve learned anything over the past five years it’s that you can come up with any reason a manager will/won’t work before they actually are appointed, we’ve tried:

Good reputation coach having a crack at management

Settled voice promoted from within

Club Legend returning home

High reputation manager with proven success

The truth is nobody knows until they come in and are allowed to implement their own ideas. It’s nice to play managerial merry go round but the truth is, the plan put forward, being backed by a chairman, and actually worked on is the solution, not just “x manager would do a job”.

It’s why I don’t accept “there’s nobody out there” as a reason not to sack Clarke. Financially, on the other hand, is a different matter.


I’m going to don my tin hat here but I’m going to throw a few names into the mix.

Personally, I think that Mart O’Connor would love another chance.

Pretty sure that he played with Maik Taylor at Blues so assuming that they got on, he can stay.

In terms of his links with Posh, did he play with Arron McClean? He seemed a decent coach at Peterborough and I think Ferguson released him. (EDIT: big age gap so obviously not but the principle is there and as a coach of strikers, he might be interested in another opportunity)

If we could unearth a goalscoring gem, at least we would have something to get excited about. Whisper it quietly, but even Clinton Morrison is involved at Mickleover Sports in Derbyshire, so he’s local and might be able to offer something (even as a link to the non league scene).

It breaks my heart to see Keane Roofe ripping it up at Rangers when he went to Joseph Leckie school, literally a stone’s throw from the Bescot/Banks’s Stadium…

I fondly recall a friendly with WBA a few years back when Sawyers, Roofe and maybe even Roberts were all in their reserves (possibly Downing too). What’s Sam Field up to also? There’s certainly footballing talent on our doorstep with the right coaching team (who preferably doesn’t have a house in Southampton…)

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Was on loan at Charlton last I heard.

The old pros always get mentioned. Viveash, Kelly etc

I’d be amazed if they haven’t been asked before and There must be very valid reasons they don’t want it, mostly being Bonser. They aren’t stupid.

Also why on earth would Viveash give a monkies? Doing very well at Coventry. It’s akin to career suicide :joy:

Yep. In the last 5 years I was delighted getting in O’Driscoll as I thought he’d be a great fit and had taken Doncaster out of league one in similar style. He lasted 10 weeks.

And DC given what he’d done at Bristol Rovers was one of my top 2 choices and now I’d be surprised if he’s still in charge by March.

Could understand the thinking with Keates aswell. Whitney is only recent one I didn’t think had it in him to be a long term number one but was prepared to give him a chance like the majority.

There’s no set formula particularly when club is on continual downward trajectory and dosen’t have an appealing budget.

Not like Holloway is doing much at Grimsby and he’s a manager with two promotions to premier league in last 10 years on his CV.

Guess Paul Hurst will also be on the radar but he was even worse than DC has been at Scunthorpe and lasted six months.

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Absolutely gobsmacked nobody has mentioned Martin Allen yet :joy::joy:

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We’d have to widen the double doors to the stadium! :flushed::joy:

Even Barnet have given up reappointing him for the 200th time so he’s done with football management now. West Ham have him as matchday ambassador now apparently.

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Viveash, O’Connor, Kelly being touted as next manager. What a spine of a team those three would be in their day & it’s a cliche’ but that’s what’s missing now.

We have fallen so far


David Kelly for me what is he doing now anyway?and the abuse he got after his short spell here was completely unwarranted he told the club the score from day one it just happened quicker than anyone expected


He was absolutely spot on when commentating the other week as well as to what we were doing wrong


What are John Beck and Ian Atkins up to these days?

I enjoyed his summaries. He was really impressive.


Alex Nichols could well be interested if the managers job becomes available …
Perfect fit with the nonsense he talks .


David Brent

No badges but would be fun ( and cheap )

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Lee Carsley did a decent job at both Coventry and Birmingham, he would be a good shout.


If DC was to walk out then there’s only one candidate:

Mike Bassett
(with Jan Sorensen as defensive coach…)


Only if his first signings are Josh Benson and Ryan Hedges.


What a smoking hot front pairing that would be

Where is Peter Stuyvesant playing these days?