Who ate all the pies?

Just been looking at the top 30 pies sold at football grounds after seeing Morecambe fc’s home made pies featured on the hairy Bikers,we’re not even in the top 30 now.Whatever happened to our famous Balti pie… :astonished:

They ran out.


At ten to two.


You mean the one they had a competition to name - won (apparently) by “Chicken Balti Pie”?

Makes Boaty McBoatface look imaginative. :joy:

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Other clubs started doing them, and did them better I guess.

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Matchday feeding - how chicken balti pie became a cult. The crusty orange treats are football’s pie of choice - who invented them? Shire Foods, in 1997, for Walsall and Villa. They’re now sold at over 70 clubs, 14 in the Premier League, and Shire cook 100,000 a month at a bakery in Leamington Spa

Just like everything else…something good allowed to tail off through lack of being arsed.

Shame, we made the news with those beauties

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Morecambe Bake their own on site,surely if we used our own kitchen to bake our own we would make more profit and the product would hopefully be of better quality .

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Let’s get on it!!!

I’ve said the same for years. People would pay a premium too if the product was good.

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You’re joking right? We can’t even warm up a burger without it been nuclear hot in one area and still cold in another.


You would have to employ someone who could cook :smile:

And that takes 4 spotty teenagers to fathom :smile:

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“ISSA ate all the pies!”

Sue me.


Fed the NHS front line workers with them. :wink:


I think Bonser sold them to Peterborough United for sod all.


Subsequently re-branded as ‘Barry Fry’s Balti Pies’…

Hopeless chaps they really are.


We cant even have one of life’s necessities < chips > so making pies is a pi§e dream