Who do we need to try and keep at the club?

It’s January and with a lot of the players out of contract soon I believe they can talk to other clubs about a future deal.
Many may not agree but of those who I think may be out of contract I would try and keep ,Norman, Jules,Scarr, Kinsella, Bates, Gordon, Wes and Adebayo. the rest I’m not to fussed about.
Whats your opinions ?

Good question.

Get rid of the rest.


Nurse (if poss)



Keep:Jules, Norman, Adebayo, McDonald, Bates, Holden, Gordon. Possibly a few youngsters that I haven’t seen enough of to make a judgement.

Which means I’m losing, Roberts, Rose, Scarr, Clarke, Cockerall-Mollett, Sinclair, Guthrie, Lavery, Sadler, Nolan, White, Osadebe and Kinsella.

Quite a clear-out which speaks volumes to both the lack of development of some players that looked like they had a chance together with some really poor recruitment.



The rest can go.

I’d be inclined to keep Kinsella. I doubt he is breaking the bank in terms of wages and is a decent utility player. That’s not to say I’d want him as a first choice center mid, but he has done a reasonable job at full back in the past too.

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I must admit that I bought into the squad stability narrative that the Club were so keen to talk about in the summer. I also gave Clarke a lot of leeway last season because of our player turnover following relegation.

However, you only need to look at Carlisle who are top of the league to see that a huge squad churn (theirs this season is the highest in the EFL) can lead to success.

We just simply aren’t getting recruitment right.


Can the thread also ask posters which players will be coming in to replace the ones they are ejecting?

I could do with a loff!

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Get rid of DC, anyone we’re offered money for and go from there under a manager that has a plan that might reveal how useful some of these players might be in an actual drilled team.
Neither of which will happen in reality.

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Tbf I can’t see it being all that difficult to replace this lot.

Bakayoko to come back in on loan from Cov?

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I think to come up with replacements you need to know what type. To know what type, you need to come up with a way of playing. I still don’t know how Darrell Clarke’s Walsall play, other than being a bit flippant by saying “badly” or “inconsistently”.

We don’t have the resources for an “every game is a project” mentality. And we certainly don’t have the budget for players who have the ability to adapt to three of four different formations per game.

So the big thing is to either change Darrell Clarke or change Darrell Clarke.

It has to be a plan A for 75% of the time, a plan B for 20% of the time and a Plan C “Hail Mary”.

If Clarke can’t do that then he shouldn’t be Walsall’s manager because our resource model and his way are a mis-match.

If we go with having a way, we need to decide if Holden is good enough to build a team around with him playing behind a loan striker. If he is then it begins to define how the rest of the attacking unit shapes up.


Keep Scrimmy if poss

DC has a fair to good record from his time elsewhere.

He isn’t exactly flying, but we know a clueless manager when we see one.

I remember watching Smiths Walsall bump and scrape along with some poor runs before it came together

A Sporting Director
A Director of Football

Let’s look at the structure


I think in January we should try and move on Guthrie, Sinclair and Lavery … A more radical overhaul will be needed in the Summer . I would keep Rose,Norman ,Nurse (if possible) ,CCM, Jules, Scarr, Nolan, Kinsella, Bates, MacDonald ,Adebayo and Gordon plus the youngsters we haven’t seen. I would then try to bring in 5/6 battle hardened types with good character who can cut it at the level we are playing. A strong central defender and a n experienced forward being priorities. Having said that I am more concerned we should develop a style of play and stick to it as Carlisle cleary are doing. The current hit and miss approach simply has to go!!

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Now forward coach and sporting director. Rest can wait for the Summer.

Sadly not going to happen. Not going to do that before if they can not afford to secure there better players for next season.

Smith achieved something in his first half a season, a significant something in that he kept us up.

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No, he didn’t. Plymouth being deducted points kept us up!

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But we were still several points from safety when he was appointed, and he turned us round, so he gets the credit. We were going down under Hutchings.


DC is an enigma for me. Been here long enough that we should be seeing the fruits of his endeavours, but some players appear to be going backwards, or sideways. He needs to back himself by ■■■■■■■■ on the coaching staff, not giving them a free pass.

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