Who do you / we despise and why - Football clubs that is

:rofl:Offer here,

If we do not manage to prise DJ away from Mansfield, I take it, they will go to the top of our hated list for the time being

So whos on the list and why…
Why is the interesting part to the question…

Mine is Sarfend, for only very personal reasons, they kicked me out and told me never to return…

Wonder where Vile is on the list… :wink:


Wolves - obvious
Bolton - former brother in law
Stoke - horrible people
Rotherham - cheering our relegation
Wrexham are getting there
Wigan - tinpot club we never beat
MK Dongs - also obvious
Salford - Sunday league team made good by goblins


My Grandad was so angry about that. He was a proper gentleman, never had a bad word to say about anyone, never got angry about anything.

For some reason, this proper triggered him. I remember him having a Kevin Keegan style rant over it :rofl:


Think to a certain extent it depends on age. I despise the Dingles, but then again so do most sane people. I’ve never really considered them as “football rivals” cos they obviously not bothered about us (until we beat them… time after time…). I don’t like Vile, I don’t like Liverpool FC, don’t like Sjoke. I would put MK Dongs in a separate category of dislike all of their own. Salford are vile.

Hatred is obviously a big word, but in football terms I grew up “hating” Vale and Shrewsbury. And they remain the top 2 in my list


:rofl:Offer here,

Rotherscum take an early deserved lead… :rofl:


I have got my own to add, but I am happy for my Grandad’s vote to count.

With the exception of Bolton who I’m not bothered about, that’s pretty much my list too. :laughing:
Oh, and add in Fail and the Sloppies. :laughing:

Vale - pure scum
Wolves - fans tend to be out of touch with reality.

Actually not bothered about Shrewsbury.

Agree on the Stoke thing and that includes Vale, really angry aggressive bunch.

Man Utd
West Ham

Generally premier league mouth breathers by default

MK Dons

Cockney clubs in general

Cant believe I missed off Crewe

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Villa all day long , still living off the back of the early 80’s, plus I got tons of shit at school being the only Walsall fan amongst them all.
Must add Wolves , Vale and Salford to that list

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:rofl:Offer here,

No surprise to see the Dingles, Sjoke and Vile in the lists.

Utter filthy fans


Villa - Easily top of my list. I grew up in Pelsall and most of the kids at my school were Villa ‘fans’ had plenty of scraps on Pelsall Common, fighting a lone battle. Meant to be a massive club and apparently have 20k on the season ticket waiting list. Not so long back they closed part of the Whitton end.

Wolves - Couldn’t find a Wolves fan in the mid 80s, now they get where water can’t get.

Albion - Never used to mind them, in fact, if Walsall didn’t have a game me and my Dad used to go to Albion for a game to watch. Over time things change. When they decided it was fun to come to Walsall smashing the town up and going around in groups picking out Walsall individuals to kick in. Also, some of my wife’s family support them as did she when I met her. She once said to me “If we have any kids they will support Albion” How’s that one working out? :grinning: To be fair she soon got hooked on following Walsall too after a few away games.

Port Vale - Earliest rivalry I can remember. Was always feisty. Over the years we have definitely had the better of them though!

MK Dons. Not sure if they count as a real club, but I don’t think it needs any explanation.

Crewe- Not really sure why, they have always just annoyed me and I am still scarred from the 5-1 play off defeat.


I’ll go against the grain of most English football fans to say I actually like Man United. Living in Belgium for 15 years 1990-2005 and knowing loads of Belgian and Dutch football fans I got sick to death of them moaning at me about Heysel (don’t get me wrong, a tragedy) and English this and English that. At the time Man United were beating all comers when they played Dutch or Belgian teams. So when they beat Belgian or Dutch teams (again) it made me smile

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I have a grudge against nearly every other team in the league. Some of them entirely logical whilst others completely irrational.

You could name any team and I could probably give you a reason that I dislike them.


Against the grain- You are joking, they have the flags at half-mast in Beechdale when United lose.


I meant against the grain in proper sane football fans.

A lot of them are home and away Walsall fans but there is a definite love for United in certain areas of Walsall.

I Don’t mind the bag ladies, the rest can eff off

Smaller list for me, in no particular order;

MK Dongs - it should never have been allowed
Salford - another pretend club adored by the media
Forest Green - another, as above. I’m not sure what it is about them that the BBC so like and gets them on screen so much
oh! And West Ham, for no particular reason.