Who is following Dutton to Sutton?

Torquay please :pray: love a trip to Plainmoor and would be fantastic to see them back in the league. :crossed_fingers:

Amyone but wrexham. Not interested in talking about Dean Keates and Ryan Reynolds for hours on end.

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Last time we played Wrexham it all went a bit Pete Tongue :man_facepalming:


Is Jon Whitney still helping out at Hartlepool

Chesterfield, so we can hit the miners club there again on an old WMPTE cream and blue double decker

Whitney is at Villa…has been for a while.

Youth sides I think.

In next 10 years he could be one of England physios if Smith gets that job!

Really? When did Whitney go to The Vile?

A while ago.

That 3 years or 3 months

Whoever comes up it’s going to make our season more difficult and it’s guaranteed they all have players that will settle easily into life in the football league.

Don’t forget the teams that come down at least one of them will likely be strong next season

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Which at the moment could be one of




Bristol Rovers and even Wigan Shrewsbury :pray: or Burton i think?

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I think it will be Rochdale Bristol Rovers Swindon and Northampton mate out of them I’d say Rovers would be the biggest threat is it 4 that come down I forget lol

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Ye i think it is 4 mate, they are all a threat to be honest, i think Rushall would threaten OUR budget lol


Still going to have the likes of Salford Bradford etc down here as well Salford were going mad they didn’t go up last season god knows what they will spend in the summer if they stay down again lol

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Yeah I reckon the bottom four will stay as it is. Crazy that Wigan and Wimbledon have won their last four each!

I’m happy with those four coming down. Love a day out in Manchester so Rochdale ticks that box, nothing quite like getting an early train into Manchester on the beer, superb city.

Bristol Rovers, happy with that, bloke I work with from another branch says he’ll show me some proper pubs so that should be a good laugh too.

Northampton and Swindon are the boring ones, would rather Wigan and Wimbledon but can’t see it.


Be awful if the owners turned off the money tap…

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Another league 1 relegation on the CV of Luke Leahy…playing in his favourite wing back position aswell.



Who’s following Dutton to the job centre?