Who remembers

…Moooooooorrissssssss, Moooooooorrissssssss, Moooooooorrissssssss, Moooooooorrissssssss, Moooooooorrissssssss…

Psychological torment at its finest. I thought it should’ve persisted longer than the couple of matches it did.

Nobody remembers it apparently then. A few seasons ago there was a short-lived trend of slowly repeating the surname of the opposition goalkeeper. I thought it was an effective display of Machiavellian psy-ops and a shame it didn’t last.


No, but I miss loads of people shouting “FREAK!” whenever some massive beanpole of an opponent was on the pitch. Early 90s, maybe most of the 90s.

I miss especially in the big games not being able to hear both sets of fans in the build up . The reason being the music being played really loud right up to the point of kick off.

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A lot of people who are in charge at football grounds seem to think playing very, very loud music helps create an atmosphere. In fact it reduces it.


I don’t mind the music as such I just think once the captains meet in the middle thats when it should be turned off and let both sets of fans make some noise.

I know Peter Crouch got some of that playing for QPR I think it was


I do remember it happening a couple of times - probably filler to break the boredom in the quiet moments between Dancing Kev doing half naked gambols (as not much happening on the pitch to keep minds occupied!)

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Old chants…

Jason Lee - he’s got a pineapple on his head


I remember 2 guys behind the goal away at Reading, early 2000’s, constantly calling " Maaaarcus" to Marcus Hahnemann. It was done in a very gentle almost whispery sing song. You could tell it was beginning to to get to him after about 20 mins. Very funny.

Another old chant…
Rangers bipolar goalkeeper, Andy Goram - There’s only 2 Andy Goram’s…


I remember the moos from the top tier when the dairy trucks with pictures of cows went passed on the M6.
Most fans wondered why the booing.

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Wiseman I think.

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Never seen a Stobart lorry with a picture of a cow on it, all got cows names yes, but no pictures.

I’m not in UK so have no idea. Plus this was ages ago!

Remember Milan Lalkovic , he’s just done a piece in the E&S quoting again what we all know and basically I’m sick of being constantly reminded …

.“If everyone stayed together and we were paid what we asked for then I would have stayed.

“I understand it’s not easy for the club, but everyone left because of more money.

“Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but that was the case.

This is a link to The Times about it. Unfortunately, you can only read the full article if you subscribe. Gits.
However, it does mention a couple of fans who might be on UTS??

Oh Tracey, woh-oh
Oh Tracey, woh-oh
He’s got a girly name
His wife is on the game
Oh Tracey, oh-oh -oh

He used to laugh but shake his head as if thinking “WTF”. :grin:


The best was the halftime chant of “Su-mo” during the junior supporters’ shoot outs. Whatever happened to him?