Who would you rather play in goal

Option 1) Liam Roberts

Option 2) ANYONE except Liam Roberts

Kinsella or maybe swifty because he is a real flapper

Andy Petterson > Liam Roberts :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Liam Roberts with an extra four years training from Neil Cutler, please.

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Look, keepers all make mistakes (I feel affinity as part of the GKs Union haha), unless they are the ultimate best of the best, and Liam ain’t - hence why he’s playing for us.

However, he does have some great qualities, and has made some outstanding saves, even this season, so cut him a little slack.

Definitely needs some bench time though.


Should I change my username?

That 1-6 defeat when we had Andy_Petterson still grates. To think we got relegated on goal difference too :sob::sob::sob:


I’ll have a go if you want.

Can’t be much worse.

I remember watching AP in the warm up and he was awful in that.

Told my mate he was going to be terrible and was sadly proved right.


Johnny Brain.

I will stick with Robert’s. Last night was a howler but has made some important saves this season.

Another similar cockup though and I may revise my opinion.

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Does anyone remember the defeat at Peterborough just before Dog Face got sacked? I think Julian Gray and Alex Nichols were involved in our goal before the Posh took us to pieces in the second half. I don’t think Brain played for us again after that debacle: he was total tripe…

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I would give Roberts some time to rethink some basics, so now anyone. I still think he can be good keeper, but now he needs to restart this season and find that goalie inside. And some inner peace too, to calm defenders around him for example.

I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now,but only after watching it again and seeing that the ball did bounce just before it got to him,maybe (I know it’s a long shot) it hit a divot.

Has Roberts had his ■■■■ up now and that’s it? Let’s be honest he hasn’t been alone in that department recently has he so I’d see how they train in the week ahead and make the decision from there Rose shows more play Rose Liam shows more play Liam that’s all he can do as a manager he can’t compensate or prepare for a ■■■■ up

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The equaliser he conceded against Crewe in the last few minutes the following game cost us 2 points the irony of it was that was the first time he came of his line all game and got chipped by a forward

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Even the great Jimmy Walker got beaten by a divot.


Just wish some would cut Robbo some slack.
Yes he’s made mistakes as all keepers do but he’s also saved us on many an occasion.
He’s a local lad who we should be encouraging not grinding into the ground.
Saying that I’m not opposed to giving him a break for a few games to see what Rose has to offer.


I actually think Roberts has a decent player in him still but throughout his career he’s not been well protected. His confidence has been shot twice in his career and both times he’s been left to rot. I’m not sure he will survive his latest mistake anyway.

There is a weird assumption in football loyalty to keepers means they will get better. Roberts clearly needs a time out, and it’s pretty obvious the defence is lacking confidence in him.

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He’s the worst player we have ever let play for us. FACT

(may not be a fact but the mer mention of his name makes me boil with rage)

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And that ■■■■■■■ bastard 6 fingered manager said they had played for something like that to happen on our pitch , talk about clutching at straws…

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