Who would you want here next season if the worst happens?


Please, don’t.

Even if we stay up, I want to see a break from former players or members of staff managing. It would be nice to see someone coming in with no connection, fresh ideas, and hopefully a new long-term philosophy with a view to seeing it through. I’m frankly bored of the same old faces.



I don’t think Edwards has been League 1 quality this season since his return from injury. He was abysmal against Coventry and I don’t remember him pulling up any trees in any other games either. As for Leahy playing in the Championship: he’d need to learn to defend first. His positional play is rubbish. He has been directly responsible for numerous goals conceded over the last two seasons. These players need a reality check: we are 23rd in League 1 for a reason: they can’t defend, have naff all creativity, can’t score and worst of all, they are mentally weak and too easy to beat.



Edwards is still one of the better players in this squad. No way he’d look out of place in a decent League One team. He was poor against Cov but so was everybody else. He was superb in the Blackpool game. But even so I’d back him to refind his form. He’s been out for a long time.

As for Leahy I never and would never suggest he was Championship standard in a million years. Think you’ve misread something I’ve said there.

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To be fair, El N, I agree with you about Edwards if he regains his form from last season - he was arguably our best player at the time he got injured. As for Leahy, I was replying to a post from earlier in the thread about Championship clubs being alerted to him turning down a new contract with us. I quite like Leahy, he’s got some skill but he really needs to work on his defending - this is the basic requirement for a left-back.



Oh that article. I was only posting that because of his contract information. Never a Championship footballer in a million years. He may struggle to find a League One club. Scotland or League 2 I imagine.

A lazy manager might look at his possession stats and assists and give it a go in League One.

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Dobson , Kinsella , Gordon if his attitude is right because he has potential .

I guess we are stuck with the Scarr , not for life at least .

The rest can do one as far I’m concerned .

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If he wants to play in League 2 then I might know just the club! :wink:



We might need laser treatment to get rid of Scarr!



A plumber coz those bogs really do need attention

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I worked at Craig Shakespeare moms today bless her, lovely woman, she said that as a family they were all hoping that Craig would end up back at Walsall, I said that as a Walsall fan I would plead with him to stay away, I would rather remember him as the player he was than a failed manager, I said the powers that be have contributed to the demise of Deano, there is no way we would want that for shakey.

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I think we already have plenty of evidence that ex players returning as managers are simply failed by the owner so it’ll inevitably end in frustration and tainted memories…

Ex players should keep well clearly anything to do with Jeff Bonser